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Midline ridge: male goldfish have a ridge running through the back of pelvic fins to their vent opening on the underside. The ridge is either completely missing or ...

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Male Goldfish develop white spots on their gills and pectoral called "breeding tubercles" during spawning time. ... How to tell if a catfish is a boy or a girl.

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Votes: 25. arnabbar wrote: you can never tell a goldfish a male or femalee without breeding time.that time males have some whitee spots on only gills like ich.

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My male goldfish "Big boy" has breeding stars at the moment, if you like i could post a picture. .... Guest. How do I tell if my gold fish is a girl or boy please replete.

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How to Tell the Difference Between a Girl & Boy Goldfish. Goldfish make rewarding and low-maintenance pets. When keeping goldfish, it is important to know whether your fish are male or ... How to Tell If the Chipmunk Is Male or Female.

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Q. I just bought two fantail goldfish and I am interested in breeding them if possible. There is one problem: I cannot tell if they are a male and female pair, or if ...

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Mar 13, 2004 ... If you have been to the Aqualounge and read the story, a male and a female ... The Most important way to tell is by looking at the goldfishes vents. ... I am almost certain one is a boy and one is a girl, also regarding the pointy ...

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Apr 20, 2007 ... How do you tell the gender of a goldfish? Or more charmingly,. How can I tell if my goldfish a boy or a girl? And even. Is my goldfish a lady fish ...

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Recent Questions About: goldfish boy girl · Pets > Fish ... (3 answers). "how to tell if a girl is jealous of a boy that they once love" (0 answers).

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How to Tell a Male From a Girl Shubunkin Goldfish ... if you keep your fish outdoors -- the differences between male and female shubunkins get more obvious.

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How to Tell if Your Goldfish Is a Male or Female. Many people are interested in finding out the gender of their goldfish. You might want to know for breeding ...

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Apr 8, 2012 ... How To Tell If Your Goldfish Is A Boy Or A Girl. Random ... I can't believe you done that video what if children see it.... They would learn bad ...

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Jun 19, 2012 ... Learn how to tell the gender of Goldfish, this makes sexing goldfish easy. ... i thought my fish was a girl. so i named it Princess Pat. now i realize its a dude. ... Fish of 8th months how to know that if my fish is male or female.

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How can you tell whether your Goldfish is male or female? ... Even if you don't feed them, they will swim excitedly as you pass by and that's the way they show ...

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It's difficult to tell the sex of a goldfish, because the fish do not have visible external ... If you're planning to breed goldfish, you need to know their genders. ... During the breeding season, male goldfish have breeding tubercles on the covers of ...