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Journalism is the work and distribution of reports on the interaction of events, facts, ideas, and ... The role and status of journalism, along with that of the mass media, has ... in recent studies...

As the Internet Grows Up, the News Industry Is Forever Changed


Jun 19, 2006 ... The news industry, congenitally nervous about its future, looks at the Web this ... and remakes the century-plus-old newspaper and half-century-old ... to those who would put a gravestone on the mainstream media. News consumption has fractured and fragmented in the United States over the past 30 years, ...

Ten ways journalism has changed in the last ten years (Blogger's Cut)


Mar 6, 2008 ... The past decade has seen more change in the craft of journalism than perhaps any… ... Ten ways journalism has changed in the last ten years (Blogger's Cut) ... The internet has released news organisations from the limitations of ... With all this web 2.0 innovation i think rss is singly the most important thing.

Gigaom | Amplification & the changing role of media


Oct 13, 2012 ... And up until the end of the 20th century, the sources of distribution were pretty limited ... With the rise of the social web, that has changed. Blogs ... In addition to reporting news, I think picking things to amplify is also important.

The Reconstruction of American Journalism - Columbia Journalism ...


But they will play diminished roles in an emerging and still rapidly changing world ... revenue during the profitable last decades of the century gave the historically ... of journalism imperiled by the transformation of the American news media? ..... is just over one-third of the 75 million weekly viewers of public television, it has ...

12 Events That Changed How Media Outlets Cover News - About.com


These 12 events pushed news media into a new era of communication. ... Film of the shooting could be replayed over and over to a horrified nation. ... the movie show what it took to get one of the biggest news stories of the 20th century. ... was put on trial, the testimony was available for people to watch -- and millions did.

The Social Media Revolution: Exploring the Impact on Journalism ...


Others have evaluated the news media and determined social media has not only ... Podger explores the importance of social media in journalism but doesn't force ... Finally, the last topic to examine is how professionals think social media will .... for the wide dissemination of academic work over a range of core disciplines.

Changes in Media Over the Past 550 Years - MediaShift


Nov 14, 2009 ... Changes in Media Over the Past 550 Years ... For me, this exemplifies the state of news media: there is now, for the first time ... But how did we get here? ... And just like it has taken the world a long time to understand the power of the ... of a technology today as the Gutenberg Press was in the 15th century.

How Social Media Has Changed Us - Mashable


Jan 7, 2010 ... Over the last 10 years, we've seen social media galvanize ... But has all this incredible change actually changed us, or just the world we live in?

How Has Journalism Changed? | Journalism in the Digital Age


... the internet has not only changed the methods and purpose of journalism, but also people's perceptions of news media. Professors Bardoel and Deuze note ...

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How has content consumption changed over the past twenty years ...


The internet has changed a great deal over the past 5-10 years. ... The discovery process has changed, browsing social media for news and trends is now a ...

How has technology changed news reporting?


I've been thinking a lot over the last couple of months about news. ... way that the Internet and technology has changed news so when the Digital Production ... I think most people are aware that the newspaper industry, in particular, is in trouble. ... Their information was being quoted and “reported” by mainstream media who ...

15 Interesting Ways Technology Has Changed Journalism »


Apr 5, 2012 ... It's difficult to think that, in 1999, there were no mobile phones and no blogs. Within the past 10 years alone, media has changed more rapidly ... The area most affected by technology has been news gathering and ... Although this site, and many other video sites that have emerged over the past decade, ...