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Acid Rain
Acid rain is a widespread term used to describe all forms of acid precipitation (rain, snow, hail, fog, etc.). Atmospheric pollutants, particularly oxides of sulphur and nitrogen, can cause precipitation to become more acidic when converted to... More »

Acid rain


Acid rain is caused by emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide, which react with the ... Forest in New Hampshire of the myriad deleterious environmental effects shown to result from it. .... ...

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The most obvious environmental effect of acid rain has been the loss of fish in acid sensitive lakes and streams. Many species of fish are not able to survive in ...

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The effects of acid rain, combined with other environmental stressors, leave trees and plants less able to withstand cold temperatures, insects, and disease.

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Acid rain is rain that contains nitric and sulfuric acid. Snow and fog can also contain nitric and sulfuric acid, and the dangerous effects are the same whether the ...

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Feb 28, 2011 ... Where does Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide come from? One of the ... Acid Rain proposes a very harmful affect on the ecosystems as well.

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It is not just trees that are affected by acid rain, other plants may also suffer. ... The acidity of the water does not just affect species directly, it also causes toxic ... are now beginning to admit that acid rain is a serious environmental problem and ...

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Causes, effects and solutions of acid rain: Acid rain refers to a mixture of deposited material, ... and biological processes within the environment also generate the acid rain forming gases. .... What is a Windmill and How Does a Windmill Work?

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Rain is naturally acidic, but acid gases make it even more acidic, sometimes as acid as lemon! Nature can ... When rain is acidic, it affects what it falls on: trees, lakes, buildings and farmland. Sometimes rain is not very acidic and does not cause a lot of problems, but when it is acidic, it can be very harmful to the environment.

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Fish are particularly susceptible to the effects of acid rain. ... Not only does the low pH affect aquatic life, but it also affects the lives of terrestrial species and birds ... United States Environmental Protection Agency: Acid Rain Program Resources ...

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Q: How does acid rain affect the environment?
A: Yes Read More »
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Q: How does acid rain affect the environment?
A: Hello Jorsech, Here is some information I pulled out from an Education.com science fair project (http://www.education.com/science-fair/article/acid-rain-erosion... Read More »
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Q: How Does Acid Rain Affect the Environment?
A: Aquatic - Fish populations are damaged in a number of ways. Acidic water disrupts their reproductive cycle. It also leaches aluminum from the soil into the wate... Read More »
Source: www.dec.ny.gov
Q: How does acid rain affect the environment.
A: Acid rain affects the environment in several ways: It can leach nutrients from the soil making then unavailable to plant life. It an affect the growth of plants... Read More »
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Q: How does acid rain affect the environment?
A: Acid rain is particularly damaging to lakes, streams, and forests and the plants and animals that live in these Read More »
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