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Animal Abuse & Violence | Wisconsin Humane Society


Research finds a clear and compelling link between animal abuse and other violent acts. Animal abuse does not only hurt animals; it affects our entire ...

Why Prevent Cruelty? | MSPCA-Angell


In the study, a number of cruelty cases prosecuted by the MSPCA between ... indicate that 70 percent of those who committed crimes against animals had also been involved in other violent, property, drug, and disorderly crimes. The study also concluded that a person who has committed animal abuse is: ... What We Do .

CFAWR | Animal Cruelty Syndrome


The Link Between Animal Cruelty (Domestic and Other Forms of Violence) ... Conduct disorder is found in those who abuse animals and abuse people. .... of controlling behaviors over human victims than batterers who do not abuse their pets. .... Animal hoarding is a complex and intricate issue with far-reaching effects that ...

Learning More About the Canine Victims of Animal Abuse


Dec 3, 2014 ... New research investigates the effects of abuse on domestic dogs. ... A better understanding of the characteristics of abused animals is essential for developing the most ... Why Do People Surrender Dogs to Animal Shelters?

Animal abuse affects millions of people | Examiner.com


Dec 31, 2011 ... Animal abuse affects more than the animal being abused. ... Animal abuse does not get the recognition it should nor does it get the legal actions it should. ... Countless numbers of animals are abused all over the world.

Animal Abuse and Domestic Violence


Aug 6, 2013 ... Effects of Animal Abuse on Victims of Abuse ... of Australia does not refer specifically to abuse of animals in connection with domestic violence, ...

Companion Animal Abuse | Animal Rescue Corps


Some animals are abused for the sake of entertainment as in sled dog tourist attractions, ... If the losing dog does not die in the fight, his owner is likely to kill him by shooting, ... Zoonotic diseases can also affect the health of the hoarder.

America's Animal Abuse Problem - Petfinder


America has a serious animal abuse problem that needs to be taken care of. ... No one knows how many animals are abused or neglected in America each year, ... the scores of like animal welfare agencies across the country, need to do better , ... healers and social scientists have always pondered its causes and effects.

How Are Animal Abuse and Family Violence Linked? |


Animal abuse and family violence are usually perceived and treated as separate ... or animals can take the form of physical, sexual or emotional abuse or neglect. ... but lack the financial resources, transportation, or physical capability to do so.

The Animal-Cruelty Syndrome - The New York Times


Jun 13, 2010 ... Connections are being drawn between animal abuse and other forms of ... Before 1990, only six states had felony provisions in their animal-cruelty laws; now 46 do . ... of Cruelty to Animals formed the nation's first Mobile Animal Crime ..... absence are, of necessity, often forced to affect a passionless pose.

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Emotional Pain in Animals: An Invisible World of Hurt | Psychology ...


Apr 24, 2012 ... ... World of Hurt. Recognizing the psychological effects of animal abuse. ... Advertisement. What kinds of psychological harm do animals suffer?

The Causes and Effects of Animal Cruelty - Furry Friends Have ...


Oct 10, 2011 ... In many cases, an abused animal fears humans. ... animal because potential animal owners do not want an aggressive animal as a pet. ... Another form of abuse that affects animals is puppy mills, where dogs are bred over ...

Animal Cruelty and Human Violence : The Humane Society of the ...


Apr 25, 2011 ... How does animal abuse relate to domestic abuse? ... is an extreme example of how life-threatening neglect affects both people and animals.