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How Does Bleach Work?
Bleach is a common product found in just about every home. It does mainly two things. First, it cleans, disinfects, and kills germs. People use bleach by diluting it with water and cleaning various rooms in their home -- most commonly, the bathroom... More »
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The bleaching process has been known for millennia, but the chemicals currently used for bleaching resulted from the work of several 18th century scientists. ... This changes the molecule into a dif...

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I recently used chlorine bleach to clean the siding on my house, and I was amazed at how well it worked! What is bleach? How does it remove stains? Is the  ...

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You can use bleach to remove stains on clothing or to whiten your laundry. It's used to ... So what exactly is chlorine bleach, and how does it work? 1; 2 · 3 …

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You may have also noticed that fabrics left out in the sun will look faded or bleached over time. Does sunlight have bleach in it? Nope! But sunlight can work like ...

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Learn about the different types of bleaches and how they work.

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How does bleach whiten clothes and why does it ruin clothes if to much is ... Bleach interacts with the organic molecules by adding chlorine or oxygen to the ...

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Sep 20, 2010 ... How does bleach remove stains? ... How does bleach kill bacteria to disinfect surfaces? It works in ... Work with bleach in a well ventilated area.

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The logic behind skin bleaching is to lighten, rid, or improve dark areas of the skin ... Users should understand that skin bleaching does not work in the same way ...

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This spectacular change is a result of the chemical action of chlorine, acting as an oxidizing bleaching agent, on the pigments in tomato juice. When old ...