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The Computer-Assisted Passenger Prescreening System (often abbreviated CAPPS) is a counter-terrorism system in place in the United States air travel industry. The United States Transportation Securi...

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On March 17, the federal government announced that it will require airlines to collect and ... CAPPS II purportedly would help focus security resources by identifying airline passengers who pose the greatest risk of committing terrorist acts. ... Terrorist groups, however, easily could probe the system, determine which travelers ....

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Dec 8, 2014 ... flight by flight risk assessment to determine the appropriate level of .... In addition, these DHS offices will review CAPPS operations on an on- ...

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Feb 12, 2004 ... Without such plans, TSA is at an increased risk of CAPPS II not providing ..... enforcement officials will determine whether the individual will be.



Aug 1, 2003 ... This paper will present an overview of the CAPPS II system. We con- sider the ... will determine the likelihood that a passenger is a known terrorist, or ... tion security-screening program, including risk assessments of pas-.

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Jul 13, 2011 ... It will seek to authenticate travelers' identities and perform risk assessments ... CAPPS II will become a critical element in TSA's "system of systems" approach ... A small percentage of passengers will require additional screening at the security ... The Advocate will work on behalf of passengers to ...

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EPIC described the substantial privacy and security risks of Precheck, urged the DHS to .... At the core of CAPPS is the idea to focus scrutiny on the "high-risk" .... Among many possible activities, the agency will use this system to determine ...

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The Transportation Security Agency has proposed a program entitled Computer ... the 100 million Americans who fly each year to determine their "risk" to airline safety. .... The commercial data companies upon which CAPPS II will rely to check ...

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Airport security is one of the biggest concerns for travelers these days. ... using complex computer systems to determine if someone is who they say they are ... Short for Computer Assisted Passenger Prescreening System, CAPPS II will ... which will lead to a risk assessment of no risk, unknown risk, elevated risk, or high risk.

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Jan 9, 2015 ...CAPPS IV”: TSA expands profiling of domestic US airline passengers ... And what does this mean for the rights of travelers? .... Since that time, CAPPS has not been used to determine whether additional screening is ... its approach to risk- based security screening including the use of CAPPS assessments.