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Fabric softener


A Fabric softener (also called fabric conditioner) is a chemical compound that is typically ... Some work better on cellulose-based fibers (i.e., cotton), others have higher affinity to hydrophobic ...

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Check out this article and learn all about dryer sheets and how they work. ... But fabric softeners -- dryer sheets, in particular -- can help prevent this. Ads by ...

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The old saying "opposites attract" is true not only in romance, but also in chemistry and physics: positively charged particles are attracted to negatively charged ...

Fabric Softeners And Dryer Sheets: Myths vs Facts | The Household ...


Heard warnings about the downsides of using fabric softeners and dryer sheets? ... Therefore, the Bounce dryer sheets might work for a day or two, but then you're just .... Does anyone have any tips on how to wash cleaning rags effectively?

"Greener" Laundry by the Load: Fabric Softener versus Dryer Sheets ...


Is one method better than the other or do both fabric softener and dryer sheets damage the environment?

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May 7, 2010 ... A good fabric softener helps to noticeably reduce the generated static. ... Dryer sheets work by coating cloths with a layer of conductive chemicals allowing the charge to be ... The physics of this don't make a lot of sense. Reply.

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When a 180-lb climber ascends ten feet up a rope, he does 1800 lb-ft of work .... argument for treatment with fabric softener would be its effect on spring rate.

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The Downy ball works with the laws of physics. Pour your favorite liquid fabric softener up to the fill line, and then close the rubber stopper on the contraption.

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Method Dryer Activated Fabric Softener Spray 100 loads, Fresh Air ..... There's something about the formula of this product that just doesn't work ..... (Now, if only Method could master the intricate physics needed for a pump spray that ... sheets. so I have resorted to a squeeze style squirt bottle and that does me just fine.

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... the cleaning. Through physics, not chemicals, you will get outstanding results. ... Does the Wonder Ball work in both hard and soft water? ... Once you get the layers of old detergent / fabric softener buildup out you will notice a big difference .

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How Anti-Static Dryer Sheets Work - Today I Found Out


Feb 18, 2011 ... Thus, dryer sheets are typically impregnated with a heat activated, waxy substance which works as a fabric softener and coats the clothing with ...

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Jun 25, 2013 ... Explanation of the physics of controlling static cling. ... One common method to reduce or eliminate static cling on clothes is to use fabric softener in the ... to reduce static cling in the wash and dry process to verify they work.

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Oct 22, 2009 ... So according to our experts, the physics of the Dryer Balls are sound. ... As a fabric softener, a dryer sheet works by lubricating the clothing ...