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Power steering uses a hydraulic pump to operate the steering rack located underneath the chassis of the vehicle. The pump cycles hydraulic fluid through a series of hoses that inte...

How Does Power Steering Work?
The DIRAVI system was developed by the French motor company Citroen in the early 1970s. The direct translation of the acronym means "steering with controlled return." Americans might better know it as the Speedfeel system. This is a fully hydraulic... More »
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Power steering

Most power steering systems work by using a hydraulic system to multiply force ... As the steering wheel rotates, so does the steering column, as well as the ... Does Power Steering Work?&v=uL2MOjyhqmo
Aug 20, 2013 ... This is the working principle animation of power steering system. It gives the idea about How to work the steering systems. Does Power Steering Work?&v=i6Mv8CLc93Y
Feb 22, 2014 ... A helpful guide about maintaining your vehicle's power steering system.

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Power Steering - When it comes to crucial automotive systems, steering is right up there with the ... The pump contains a pressure-relief valve to make sure that the pressure does not get too high, especially at ... How Car Cooling Systems Work.

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You can feel your car's power steering in action any time you turn your steering wheel or make sharp turns. But how does it work? The secret is hydraulic power,  ...

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Hydraulic power steering is very dependable, but complex in operation. ... Hydraulic pressure does the work, and the driver controls the direction by turning the ...

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Dec 2, 2011 ... The basic principles of hydraulically-assisted power steering have stayed the same for decades. Even today this Army-produced clip about how ...

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An article about how power steering pumps and units work on cars and ... sure the pressure does not become too high while driving at high engine speeds.

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Q: How does an power steering works?
A: Power steering is used to help the driver turn the wheel. Power steering is powered by a fluid held within the reservoir, where you put the power steering fluid... Read More »
Q: How does electric power steering work?
A: Electric power steering replaces the hydraulic system that has been used for decades.A rack and pinion system is still in place but instead of fluid under press... Read More »
Q: Does Power Steering Stop Leak Work?
A: Stop Leak Applications. Power steering stop leak is designed to soften and swell seals and O-rings (round rubber gaskets that seal hose and line connections). A... Read More »
Q: How Do Power Steering Pumps Work?
A: Belt-Driven Pump. Power steering pumps are belt-driven pumps that use pulley mechanisms attached directly to the pump housings. These pulley mechanisms, which a... Read More »
Q: How good does lucas power steering and transmission fluid work?
A: Lucas is highly recommended...and will always depend on the size and severity of the leak.....nothing is totally full proof. Read More »