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While Skype's Skype-to-Skype calls, one-to-one video calls, instant messaging and screen sharing services are free, it allows users to purchase other services, such as calls to phones and mobiles, SMS, subscriptions and group video calling for a fee.

How does Skype make money? - Skype Support


Throw in free instant messaging, sharing screens and sending files too – how do we make any money? Well, Skype has lots of really great features that cost a ...

How does Skype make money? | VatorNews


Mar 2, 2014 ... The way the company makes money is by charging small fees for other services. Making calls from Skype to a mobile phone that does not have ...

Why Microsoft paid $8.5 billion for Skype, which is mostly free ...


May 10, 2011 ... Microsoft acquisition of the growing Internet calling company raises eyebrows. How can Microsoft make money from a service that's free to most ...

How Skype Makes Money (MSFT) - Investopedia


Jul 9, 2015 ... We explain how the world's most popular VOIP app makes money. ... These credits allow Skype users to make calls to land lines, send text .... How much money does Michigan make from unclaimed property each year?

How does Skype make money? - Quora


Aug 22, 2010 ... Skype's freemium rate (minutes called for free for every minute paid) ranges between 7 and 8.5 depending on the quarter. There's a path of ...

How much money does Skype make? - Quora


May 28, 2011 ... In their updated S-1 filing Skype on March 4, 2011 (http://www.sec.gov/Archives/ edgar/data/1498209/000119312511056174/ds1a.htm) Skype's ...

How Does Skype Make Money? - Chat4o


Nov 3, 2011 ... Are you wondering how Skype makes money when it is free? How you ... All you need to do is buy Skype credits or make a paid subscription.

Skype: has Microsoft's $8.5bn spending paid off yet – and can it ...


Aug 30, 2013 ... Just over two years later, has the gamble in fact paid off – or does it show .... In that, Microsoft has succeeded in making Skype useful to its own ...

5 reasons why Microsoft buying Skype makes sense | ZDNet


May 13, 2011 ... Microsoft can make money from Skype, which it has dismally failed to ... as long as the purchase makes strategic sense (which it does), and as ...

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Q: How does Skype Mobile make money?
A: Skype Mobile probably makes it's money through advertisers. ChaCha! Read More »
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