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Olfaction, also known as olfactics, is the sense of smell. This sense is mediated by specialized ..... This does not mean they are overwhelmed by smells our noses can detect; rather, it means they c...

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Mar 5, 2015 ... Your nose plays a large role in daily survival, bringing up deeply hidden memories and sexual attraction — as well as being the “guardian of ...

How does the sense of smell work? | HowStuffWorks


Smell is a very direct sense. In order for you to smell something, molecules from that thing have to make it to your nose. Everything you smell, therefore, is giving ...

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How does your sense of smell work? ... If the channel is blocked, such as when your nose is stuffed up by a cold or flu, odors can't reach the sensory cells that ...

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Dec 19, 2013 ... View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/how-do-we-s... An adult human can distinguish up to 10,000 odors. You use your nose to figure out ...
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Nov 25, 2015 ... Did you know that there are more genes dedicated to your sense of smell than any of your other senses? Watch our video to find out how the ...

10 Incredible Facts About Your Sense of Smell | Everyday Health


Oct 3, 2014 ... Your sense of smell is the only sense that has a direct connection to the brain. ... in the journal Science, showed that the nose can smell at least one trillion distinct scents. So how exactly does humans' sense of smell work?

How do you smell? | Latest Features | physics.org


physics.org, your guide to physics on the web ... How does one define a smell? ... The nose. When you smell, tiny molecules made up of tens of atoms drift ...

Why do the sides of my nose smell? - Quora


I can almost guarantee that it is not the sides of your nose but the fingers that smell after you ... Why does your nose get stuffy on one side? Why is half of my nose ...

The Smell Report - The human sense of smell.


The human nose is in fact the main organ of taste as well as smell. ... Although smoking does not always affect scores on smell-tests, it is widely believed to ...

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Your nose helps you breathe, smell, and taste. ... Closer to the tip of your nose, the septum is made of cartilage (say: KAR-tel-ij), ... Why Does My Nose Run?

Making Sense of Scents: Smell and the Brain - BrainFacts.org


Jan 27, 2015 ... With every whiff you take as you walk by a bakery, a cloud of chemicals comes swirling up your nose. Identifying the smell as freshly baked ...

How We Smell Things: A Guide to the Human Nose - Live Science


May 22, 2006 ... Your nose is an important tool, sniffing out food, danger, and love, and no two people sense an odor the same way. We explain how you smell.