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The ballista plural ballistae, sometimes called bolt thrower, was an ancient missile weapon that .... Reconstruction and trials of such a weapon carried out in a BBC documentary, What the Romans Did...

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The ballista is a siege machine dating back to the 4th century b.c. Well utilized in medieval warfare, the ballista could be configured to propel bolts or stones.

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The rope connecting the ends of the two pieces of wood (similar to a bow) are pulled back and held in place, while the bolt, arrow, or dart is put in place.

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Oct 16, 2011 ... How the TMproductions100 Ballista works. ... Ballista, A Breakdown Of How It Works. TMProduction100. SubscribeSubscribedUnsubscribe 33.

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Originally developed in 399 BC. by the ancient Greeks at Syracuse, the ballista was in effect a giant crossbow, used for shooting large arrows or darts. It was a ...

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The design of the ballista is such that the force applied from the projectile comes ... back 2 meters gives twice the force that moving them back 1 meter would do, ...

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A Ballista is an ancient military siege engine in the form of a crossbow. ... PLEASE NOTE: We don't have anything to do with siege weapon information, plans, ...

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The payload could be thrown a far distance and do considerable damage, either by .... If you're interested in having a small working ballista you can get one ...

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Ballista! Get Medieval facts and information about weaponry, armor and arms including the Medieval Ballista. Fast and accurate facts about the Medieval ...

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Both catapults and ballistas work by storing tension either in twisted ropes or in a flexed piece of wood (in the same way an archery bow does, but on a larger ...