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The ballista plural ballistae, was an ancient missile weapon that launched a large projectile at a .... Reconstruction and trials of such a weapon carried out in a BBC documentary, What the Romans D...

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The ballista is a siege machine dating back to the 4th century b.c. Well utilized in medieval warfare, the ballista could be configured to propel bolts or stones.

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Oct 16, 2011 ... How the TMproductions100 Ballista works. ... Ballista, A Breakdown Of How It Works. TMProduction100. SubscribeSubscribedUnsubscribe 33.

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A Ballista is an ancient military siege engine in the form of a crossbow. ... PLEASE NOTE: We don't have anything to do with siege weapon information, plans, ...

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Dec 30, 2011 ... However, those sources do not provide all the pieces of information needed to build an exac. ... As my aim was to design and build a ballista that would look nearly identical to the ancient one, I used ... Great work young man.
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Dec 5, 2007 ... The ballista is powered by torsion created by coils of rope and it fires a ... Technically, its not a crossbow as it does not use a tension-based set ...

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The payload could be thrown a far distance and do considerable damage, either by .... If you're interested in having a small working ballista you can get one ...

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Both catapults and ballistas work by storing tension either in twisted ropes or in a flexed piece of wood (in the same way an archery bow does, but on a larger ...

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Feb 2, 2014 ... Ballistae could also be used more imaginatively, for example, placed on the ... As technologies improved, by the beginning of the 2nd century CE artillery did become increasingly mobile, adding a new and ... Cite this work ...

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A Greek "Palintone" type Ballista Catapult Engine being prepared for firing during ... there when "at-rest" and do not contact the outer stanchions at any time.

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The rope connecting the ends of the two pieces of wood (similar to a bow) are pulled back and held in place, while the bolt, arrow, or dart is put in place.

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Originally developed in 399 BC. by the ancient Greeks at Syracuse, the ballista was in effect a giant crossbow, used for shooting large arrows or darts. It was a ...

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We are building a Torsion powered bow (Ballista) for our siege engine project. It is set up as a bullet crossbow, with the option of firing bolts with the use of a ...