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DO NOT POWER IT DOWN!!" In computing, a server is a computer program or a device that provides functionality for other .... The purpose of a server is to share data as well as to share resources and distribute work. A server computer can ...


... type a Web site address into your browser, Web servers are doing the work of getting you the page you request. Find out how these machines locate Web pages and deliver them to your computer. ... Why does my computer need a battery?


Mar 31, 2015 ... Electrical engineer working with switches and servers in broadband communication hub of ... Almost any computer can be set up as a server.


As small businesses experience growing pains, they often add computers to improve efficiency. Eventually, efficiency diminishes as critical information and ...


Cluchetti, Hardwarewise a server is just a computer without somebody working behind it at a monitor. Examples in a typical business ...

Nov 8, 2012 ... The function of a computer server is best illustrated with an analogy. ... These servers are dedicated to a single task and do that task extremely well. ... What is Server - How does Server work - Server explained - How server ...
Jul 5, 2010 ... In this video I discuss understanding how the internet and web servers work and what a web server is.


Although any computer running special software can function as a server, the most typical use of ... What Is a Computer Network Device and How Does it Work ?


... Information about IRC Servers -- learn what they are and how they work. ... A server is a computer with a huge connection using a program especially made for  ...


Feb 23, 2005 ... Answer: A server is a computer that serves information to other computers. These computers, called clients, can connect to a server through ...