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A refrigerator maintains a temperature a few degrees above the freezing ..... Further, opening the door of one compartment does not affect the temperature of the .... Magnetic refrigerators are refr...

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Learn the five basic components of a refrigerator, plus how they interact to cool your food.

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Apr 22, 2002 ... Instead of water, though, the refrigerator uses chemicals to do the ... As it does this, the coils get colder and the freezer begins to get colder.

How Does Your Fridge Work?

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Have you ever wondered ... how your fridge cools the food you put inside it? This is a good practical example of the gas laws in action. Temperature, pressure ...

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Jan 11, 2014 ... Working of a Refrigerator and refrigeration principle behind it is explained with help of animation in a ... But how does the compressor work? lol.

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May 31, 2015 ... An easy-to-understand explanation of how refrigerators work, with a ... the fridge, giving out its heat and cooling back into a liquid as it does so.

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Sep 3, 2013 ... Deane explains how a refrigerator works. "It's a bit like a bike pump connected to a spray can!"
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Jul 25, 2011 ... And does a normal fridge which consists of freezing apartment as well has .... Hi Keyan, good luck with the school work and remember us when ...

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Introduction to How Refrigerators Work - Learn how refrigerators work, take apart a refrigerator, and read ... How Does Your Boss Compare to Optimus Prime?

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The way in which refrigerators generate cold temperatures is based upon evaporation. In fact, strange as it may seem, refrigerators keep cool using methods that ...

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Q: How does a fridge work?
A: A standard refrigerator uses a compressor toy compress gas into a liquid, and as the pressure is released, it absorbs heat. A USB cooler uses Peltier coolers, w... Read More »
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Q: How does a fridge work?
A: helloTim I tell you compeletly how doeas it work . Gas is drawn at low pressure and low temperature through a line. The gas is compressed using electricity to a... Read More »
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Q: How does a fridge work?
A: Refrigerators use the process of the evaporation of a liquid (a 'refrigerant') to absorb heat. This creates freezing temperatures that keep food cold. Read More »
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Q: How does a fridge work?
A: In the back of your refrigerator there is a small ice factory. After the ice is created a little elf blows air across the ice to cool off the interior of your f... Read More »
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Q: How does a fridge work?
A: Heat energy exchange and the relationship between the temperature of a gas and its volume. Compression reduces the volume of a gas and thereby increases its tem... Read More »
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