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Lunar mare


The lunar maria /ˈmɑːriə are large, dark, basaltic plains on Earth's Moon, formed by ancient ... Lunar nearside with major maria and craters labeled ... The Earth tides do ac...

How does a mare differ from a crater - Answers.com


A mare is a smooth, dark area on the surface of the moon. A crater is a huge hole caused by a meteor or meteorite.

How is caldera different from a crater - Answers.com


craters are usually caused by other things like small astroids, a caldera is caused by a volcanic ... How does a mare differ from a crater? A mare is a smooth, dark ...

Surface Properties of the Moon


Both the Maria and the Highlands exhibit large craters that are the result of meteor ... Further, different parts of the surface of the Moon exhibit different amounts of ... Samples from Mare Imbrium and the Ocean of Storms brought back by Apollo ...

Crater Formation on the Moon - FOSSweb

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Terraced. Mare Formation ... Explore how different types of craters are formed, using these animated visualizations. Click the ... How do craters form? What is the ...

FAQ - Impact Cratering | Planetary Science Institute


1. How can you tell a volcanic crater from an impact crater? ... Do the different kinds of rocks such as granite or mica come from meteorite sites because of their  ...

Craters, Cratering, and What It Can Tell Us


Below, we're going to do a little first-order "crater geology" so you can see how ... of complex craters from three bodies, note the morphological features that differ ... Very large craters show still more complexity: some, like the Mare Orientale ...

Craters- The Moon - Enchanted Learning


Impact craters on the moon, how simple and complex impact craters are formed. ... Different Types of Impact Craters ... The few craters that are not circular, like Messier and Messier A (pictured at the left) in the Mare Fecunditatis, are an enigma. Scientists do not know exactly how these oddly-shaped craters were formed.

Highlands and Mare landscapes on the Moon / SMART-1 / Space ...


May 26, 2006 ... Where did the Moon come from? ... The second image, showing a mare, was taken on 10 January 2006, from a ... the maria are very flat, and are very different from the so-called highlands. ... As this happened in comparatively recent times, the number of impact craters is far less than in the highland areas.

ASP: The Surface of the Moon


The Moon's landscape is starkly different from the Earth's. Instead ... However, the impacts that formed most craters on the Moon (and elsewhere) did so by literally ... Samples of mare material brought back by America's Apollo astronauts were ...

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What is the difference between a moon mare and a crater


Craters are produced in two ways - the first way is as a result of a volcano- the crater being the .... How does a mare differ from a crater? A mare is a smooth, dark ...

secondary impact craters - NASA History Office


This oblique view across southern Mare Imbrium looks toward Copernicus, the ... are also of secondary impact origin, but are different from the Copernicus chain. ... The craters within the clusters are smaller and more regular in shape and do ...

Comparing Craters on Earth and the Moon - Space.com


Aug 17, 2009 ... Meteor impacts have shaped the Earth and the moon since early in the history of the solar system. Both worlds have been and continue to be ...