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The lunar maria /ˈmɑːriə are large, dark, basaltic plains on Earth's Moon, formed by ancient ... Lunar nearside with major maria and craters labeled ... The Earth tides do act to deform the shape of the Moon, but this shape is that of an ...


Eratosthenes crater is a relatively deep lunar impact crater that lies on the boundary between the Mare Imbrium and ... The Eratosthenian period in the lunar geological timescale is named after this crater, though it does not define the start of this time period. ... Earlier lunar cartographers had given the feature different names.


A mare is a smooth, dark area on the surface of the moon. A crater is a huge hole caused by a meteor or meteorite.


How does a mare differ from a crater? A mare is a smooth, dark area on the surface of the moon. A crater is a huge hole caused by a meteor or meteorite.


Both the Maria and the Highlands exhibit large craters that are the result of meteor ... Further, different parts of the surface of the Moon exhibit different amounts of ... Samples from Mare Imbrium and the Ocean of Storms brought back by Apollo ...


The density of impact craters varies from the heavily cratered southern hemisphere to very ... by the Viking orbiters have crater densities in excess of typical lunar mare surfaces. ... Most Martian craters have quite a different ejecta pattern.


Apr 8, 2011 ... Old craters have a rounded look to them, while fresher craters are .... In fact, how do rays form anyway…instead of just a uniform debris ... Another possibility is that the crater rays are actually coming from different craters ie. not the one ..... MARDI · Mare Orientale · Maria Walters · Marian Call · Marina Sirtis ...


Lunar impact craters of different scales. Smallest crater forms known are · Fig. 3. Volcanic landforms; top left: Basaltic lava flow fronts in Mare · Fig. 4. Tectonic ...


Meteor Crater in Arizona is one of the best known examples of an impact crater on Earth. .... Even if you did not see the wall get painted, you could use the distribution of ... The smooth surface in Mare Imbrium has relatively few impact craters, ...