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Mercury-in-glass thermometer


The mercury-in-glass or mercury thermometer was invented by physicist Daniel Gabriel .... To measure lower meteorological temperatures, a thermometer containing a mercury-thallium alloy which does n...

How Does the Thermometer Work? - Energy Quest - California


Apr 22, 2002 ... Answers the question of how thermometers can tell us the temperature.

How thermometers work | Types of thermometers compared


Dec 27, 2015 ... An easy-to-understand introduction to mercury, pointer, and electronic thermometers, and the basic idea of temperature scales.

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Dec 6, 2008 ... A thermometer works on the principle of the expansion of liquid, which depends on temperature. Find out ... How does a thermometer work?

How Thermometers Work | HowStuffWorks


Thermometers are used in everything from medicine to cooking. Find out how thermometers gauge temperature and learn how to make your own!

The Ups and Downs of Thermometers | Chapter 1: Matter—Solids ...


When cooled, the movement of the molecules is slower and does not compete ... Do you think the thermometer would work as well if the tube the liquid moves in ...

BBC - Standard Grade Bitesize Physics - The use of thermometers ...


A BBC Bitesize secondary school revision resource for Standard Grade Physics on the use of thermometers: the thermometer, clinical thermometers.

How Thermometers Work - edHelper.com


<sup>1</sup> How hot is it outside? How cool will it be tonight? Do you have a fever? The way we answer these questions is by using a thermometer. People are always ...

How Thermometers Work: Temperature and Volume | A Moment of ...


Mar 30, 2010 ... How does temperature affect our world? What does temperature measure? How is temperature related to volume?

How does a thermometer work? | Bright Mags


Working of the thermometer explained in the simplest of terms to help you understand how it actually works.

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Temperature and Thermometers - The Physics Classroom


Whatever it is that temperature is a measure of, it is reflected by the reading on a thermometer. So exactly how does a thermometer work? How does it reliably ...

How Does a Thermometer Work? - Farmers' Almanac


Nov 22, 2010 ... Just about everyone knows what a thermometer does, but do you know how a thermometer works? Find out!

2.07 How does a glass thermometer work? | Taking Vital Signs


A glass thermometer consists of a stem and bulb. The stem (long part) of the thermometer has a hollow shaft running almost the entire length of the stem.