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How Does an Electric Iron Work?
The parts of the iron are familiar and include the spray button, steam button, heat control, spray pump, spray nozzle and filling port on the top and front of the iron. On the bottom exterior of the iron is the soleplate, made of either aluminum,... More »
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A clothes iron is a small hand-held appliance with a handle holding a flat, roughly triangular ... Ironing works by loosening the ties between the long chains of molecules that exist in polymer fiber materials. With the ... Before the introduction of electricity irons were heated by combustion, either in a fire or with some internal ...


The working of an electric iron is very simple - it takes current from the mains and heats up a coil inside it. This heat is then transferred to the base plate which is ...


Mar 15, 2010 ... Learn how the electric iron works through the principle of heating ... Now you may ask, why do we need to control the temperature of the iron?

Jan 23, 2017 ... Want to know how your electric iron goes on/off by itself? Watch this video to find out In this video I have explained in detailed how an electric iron works... ... Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats ...


Oct 17, 2016 ... The basic principle on which the electric iron box works is that when a current is passed through a piece of wire, the wire heats up. This heat is ...


Jul 6, 2009 ... The electric iron was invented by Henry W. Seely of New York who received a patent in 1882 after developing a design for an "electric flat iron," ...


Whether you are a stay-at-home mom who irons daily or a college student who hasn't picked one up in his life, you may be wondering how an iron really works.


HOW DOES AN ELECTRIC IRON WORK?An electric iron is heated by a stream of electricity passing into the heating el...


Aug 17, 2015 ... Working principle of electric iron. Different types of electric irons. Different parts of an electric iron. Diagram of an electric iron.