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DQs - Week One How does the statement of functional expenses ...


Week One How does the statement of functional expenses differ from the statement of activities? What is the difference between a revenue center and an ...

What Is the Difference Between a Statement of Functional Expenses ...


The statement of functional expenses reports expenses by their nature, such ... The statement of activities shows the income and expenses of nonprofit organizations. ... Although FASB does encourage the preparation of this statement, as it is ...

Statement of Financial Activities | Nonprofit Accounting Basics


Jun 12, 2009 ... No matter what it's called, the statement of financial activities (SOA) ... How do we expect to end the year and how does that compare to the approved budget? ... SFE (Statement of Functional Expenses) or P&L by Activity

FAS 117 | Nonprofit Accounting Basics


May 17, 2009 ... Statement of Financial Accounting Standard 117 “Financial ... Statement of Activities (Income Statement / Profit & Loss Statement); Statement ... Statement of Functional Expenses (for voluntary heath and welfare organizations) ...

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The FASB does not require the statement of functional expenses for every ... of financial position, the statement of activities, and the statement of cash flows.

The Statement of Functional Expense - Understand Accounting


The Statement of Functional Expense attempts to measure a non profit's efficiency. ... budgeting, and finance and other management and administrative activities. ... For example, AIP may differ with a group's decision that the cost of acquiring ... and which do not just by looking at their Statements of Functional Expenses.

Reading 5 - Understanding Financial Statements - National ...


the statements stated in the Form 990 differ from those in audited financial .... The value of fixed assets on the balance sheet does not reflect fair market .... In the Statement of Activities, the expenses are divided into three functional categories:.

Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 117 - FASB


financial position, a statement of activities, and a statement of cash flows. ... organizations continue to provide a statement of functional expenses, which is useful in ... Not-for-profit organizations currently provide financial statements that differ in their form ... accounting principles that do not specifically exempt not-for- pr...

Government and Nonprofit Accounting - Boundless


The usage of government accounting processes also differs significantly from ... of activities or statement of support, a statement of functional expenses, and a ... The unique objectives of government accounting do not preclude the use of the ...

Understanding Nonprofit Financial Statements - Dugan and Lopatka


Net assets consist of the difference between what you own and what you owe, and are broken down into donor-restricted ... For instance, depreciation is an expense in your activities statement but does not require cash. ... Functional expenses.