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Beaucarnea recurvata

Beaucarnea recurvata (elephant's foot, ponytail palm) is a species of plant in the family Asparagaceae, native to the states of Tamaulipas, Veracruz and San Luis  ...

Ponytail Palms — How to Grow Beaucarnea Recurvata - Houseplants

How to grow ponytail palms (Beaucarnea recurvata), including tips on watering, light and feeding. ... Soil: Rich, organic, fast-draining potting soil. Fertilizer: Feed ...

How To Care for A Ponytail Palm | House Plants for You

Dec 9, 2010 ... Because the foliage does reach fairly long lengths, it does require a ... As a young plant, the Ponytail Palm barely has a noticeable trunk at all.

ponytail 'palm' - GardenWeb

Apr 23, 2008 ... I've read they're really fast growers here in our dry heat because it's similar ... As you can see this plant dominates the room and it only has about a ... I call ours " ponytail", but it does look a bit different from "bestdank"'s palm.

Pony Tail Palm Size - GardenWeb

Mar 4, 2012 ... The plant as you can see from the picture looks to almost overwhelm the ... Does it need to be re-potted and if so how big of pot should be used? .... growth can be had by growing in very large containers and in very fast soils ...

Ponytail Plant - Burke's Backyard

Ponytail Plant - The decorative ponytail plant is native to dry, desert regions of Mexico and the southern United States...

How To Care For A PonyTail Palm - Not A Palm ... - Plant Care Today

Make sure you like Plant Care Today on Facebook, over 700,000 followers and growing. ... However, the ponytail plant does not like too frequent waterings.

Ponytail Palm Care - Bonsai Outlet

Simply providing light and a little water will ensure that this plant will flourish ... The Ponytail Palm does not need training like some Bonsai and cannot be wired.

Ponytail Palm Care Tips - Beaucarnea recurvata

... is a succulent native to Mexico. Its easy-care nature makes it a popular house plant. Find Ponytail Palm care tips, plus a picture and profile here. ... Soil: A fast- draining medium such as cactus potting mix . Fertilizer: Feed monthly in spring ...

Beaucarnea Recurvata (Ponytail Palm) | Our House Plants

The Ponytail Palm is a distinctive looking plant with a swollen thick brown stem ... it does best if watered frequently and as the plant is very slow growing anyway ...

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Ponytail Palms - Beaucarnea recurvata

The Ponytail palm does not enjoy being over watered. ... As any plant that doesn't like overwatering, Beaucarnea recurvata will appreciate light well-draining soil ...

Ponytail Palm: How to Grow Indoors - Old Farmer's Almanac

Ponytail Palms are a great, long-lived indoor plant. ..... that one plant I have four more in different pots from the one plant and they are growing really fast. .... I wanted to know when I do far down into the soil does the base go... how ...

How to Grow a Ponytail Palm Outside | Home Guides | SF Gate

Hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 9 through 12, these slow-growing trees thrive in full sun and fast-draining, sandy soil. Ponytail ...

Ponytail Palm Tree Information - How To Care For A Ponytail Palm

Mar 17, 2015 ... In recent years the ponytail palm tree has become a popular ... Care Instructions For Ponytail Palm – Tips For Growing Ponytail Palms.