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Rabies is mostly transmitted to humans, and between animals, through the saliva of infected ... Rabies may also spread through exposure to infected domestic farm animals, groundhogs, weasels, bears ...

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Apr 22, 2011 ... Transmission of rabies virus usually begins when infected saliva of a host is passed to an uninfected animal; most commonly through a bite.

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Sep 26, 2013 ... Rabies is not transmitted through the blood, urine, or feces of an infected animal, nor is it spread airborne through the open environment.

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In up to 99% of human cases, the rabies virus is transmitted by domestic dogs. Rabies affects domestic and wild animals, and is spread to people through bites  ...

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It may be possible to transmit the virus from a symptomatic rabies patient through mouth-to-mouth ...

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An overview of how rabies is transmitted through the bite of an infected animal and how it multiplies and spreads within the infected animal or human.

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Rabies virus has not been isolated from bat blood, urine or feces, and there is ... exposures inflicted by infected humans could theoretically transmit rabies, but ...

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After an animal is exposed to rabies and the virus has spread to its salivary glands, the animal may be able to shed (or excrete) the rabies virus in its saliva; this ...

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Oct 19, 2015 ... Following a bite, the rabies virus spreads by way of the nerve cells to the brain. Once in the brain, the virus multiplies rapidly. This activity ...

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Rabies is an infectious disease that spreads from animals to humans. The rabies virus causes the disease by infecting nerves in animals and people. The rabies ...

Rabies Risks
For most individuals, the risk of contracting rabies is relatively low. However, there are certain situations that may put you at a higher risk and these include: living in an area that is populated by bats, traveling to developing countries, living... More »
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Apr 22, 2011 ... Rabies virus is transmitted through saliva and brain/nervous system tissue. Only these specific bodily excretions and tissues transmit rabies ...

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Infected animals can spread the virus by biting another animal or a person. In rare cases, rabies can be spread when infected saliva gets into an open wound or ...

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Often, people panic about rabies as a result of misleading ... are bitten by a possibly rabid animal. Given all the ... Can rabies be spread through feces or blood?