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Pap Smear
A Pap smear (also called a Pap test) is a procedure that tests for the presence of abnormal cells in the cervix (the lower part of your uterus). Changes in the cells of a woman’s uterus may indicate an infection, cancer, or reproductive problems. For this reason, a routine Pap smear is recommended for all women every three to five years. ... More »
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The Papanicolaou test is a method of cervical screening used to detect potentially ..... Other techniques such as triple smear are also done after an abnormal pap smear. The procedure requires a trained colposcopist and can be expensive to ...


A Pap test is done to look for changes in the cells of the cervix.


The good news is that the whole procedure is usually done within just a few minutes. Having regular Pap tests is the best way for women to protect themselves ...


Mar 13, 2017 ... A Pap smear test is an important diagnostic test for cervical cancer. Find out who ... The procedure is done at your doctor's office. It may be ...

Feb 16, 2014 ... In taking a Pap smear, a speculum is used to open the vaginal canal and .... This is done to check for any masses in the vagina and the ovaries.


Jan 6, 2016 ... Read about Pap smear, a test to screen for cervical cancer, and ... (pelvic) exam, which usually is done at the same time as the Pap smear.


Nov 23, 2016 ... Consumer information about the Pap smear procedure information, test risks, who should have a Pap smear test, and what to do if your test ...


Chlamydia and gonorrhea testing is can now be done with the pap smear if is is collected using the ThinPrep methods. If there are vaginal symptoms of concern,  ...


Jun 11, 2015 ... A Pap smear is used to screen for cervical cancer. The Pap smear is usually done in conjunction with a pelvic exam. In women older than age ...