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Human infections of hantaviruses have almost entirely been linked to human ..... As the virus can be transmitted by rodent saliva, excretia, and bites, control of ...

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Aug 29, 2012 ... Deer mice carry the Sin Nombre strain of hantavirus. Cotton rats and rice ... Even healthy people who inhale hantavirus can get a fatal infection.

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In the U.S., human Hantavirus infections were first identified in the Southwest in 1993. Although most cases have occurred in the western U.S., sporadic cases ... Hantavirus can be spread from wild rodents, particularly mice and rats, to people.

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Cats and dogs do not carry hantavirus and they cannot catch it from rodents. However, cats and dogs can spread hantavirus to humans if they bring an infected ...

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Get information, facts, and pictures about hantavirus at Encyclopedia.com. ... Hantavirus infection is caused by a group of viruses that can infect humans with two ...

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people and is transmitted by infected rodents. It is very serious and can be fatal. Symptoms of hantavirus occur 1 to 6 weeks after exposure. If you think you have  ...

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Jan 15, 2015 ... In the United States, deer mice spread the hantavirus to humans. ... infection, called hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS), which can be deadly. ... More recently, cases of HPS have been documented in Argentina, Brazil, ...

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worldwide, which can cause disease in people who become accidental hosts. Each virus appears to have co-evolved with its reservoir host, and does not usually ... Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome is caused by a number of hantaviruses in ...

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es, carried by rodents, that can cause human illness. ... What animals get hantavirus? Wild rodents are the ... hantavirus? Yes. People can become infected .

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There are several other ways rodents may spread hantavirus to people: ... Cleaning in and around your own home can put you at risk if rodents have made it ...

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Hantaviruses are a group of viruses that may be carried by some rodents. ... If people get HPS, they will feel sick 1 to 5 weeks after they were around mice or.

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Hantavirus is carried by rodents, especially deer mice. ... It is believed that humans can get sick with this virus if they come in contact with contaminated dust from ...

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These viruses have caused serious human health problems in other parts of the world. In 1993, a new ... What type of illness does hantavirus infection cause?

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Although uncommon, the virus can also be passed to humans through a ... Insect bites will not make you sick and you will not get HPS from another person.