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As a general rule, male fish of live-bearing ... have a narrow, long anal fin on their lower side next to the tail.

How long are tropical fish pregnant? | Reference.com


While the exact length of the gestation period for a tropical fish varies from species to species, the average pregnancy lasts about one month, give or take a week ...

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Jan 23, 2012 ... Platy Fish giving birth- UP CLOSE- 14 births caught on camera. Miss Doolittle .... My Platy Pregnant! what you need to do. - Duration: 6:13.
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Nov 17, 2013 ... i was just taking a look at my guppies and i realised one of them is pregnant I'm so excited :D how long does it usually take for a guppy to give ...

How Long Do Molly Fish Stay Pregnant? | Cuteness.com


Molly fish are easy to breed in a home aquarium and are often already pregnant when purchased at a pet store. They are peaceful fish that live well in...

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I'm pretty sure my fish is pregnant because she is acting all weird just sitting by the heater and ... I waited all day long if she will have more but nothing came out.

How Long Is the Platy Birthing Process? | Animals - mom.me


The pregnant platy will behave pretty much the same as she does normally. There are no distinct behavioral changes to look out for. Like other live-bearing fish, ...

Pregnancy in Female Livebearing Fish | My Aquarium Club


Most livebearing female fish drop fry about once in every 28 days, and they can ... As a result, mature females remain pregnant so long as they are healthy.

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How long does a molly fish stay pregnant ... Posted on Fish Breeding & Handling Eggs And Fry ... how long do my baby fish have to stay in a nursery tank.they.

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Fish do not have major pregnancy symptoms like mammals. Goldfish .... Female egg laying fish do not get pregnant. ... How long does a molly fish stay pregnant ...

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How long does a fish stay pregnant? | Reference.com


The length of pregnancy in a fish varies greatly depending on the species of fish. The length of pregnancy, or gestation period, can vary from as little as three ...

How long does a fish's pregnancy last? | Reference.com


Most fish that give birth to live young have a gestation period of about 28 days. However, some species, such as goodeids, gestate for 50 days or...

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Now, i don't know when she will give birth, or even if she's pregnant. .... Yeah, I'd go unused, for the health of the fish and your own personal ...