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Symptoms · Causes · Long-Term Effects · How Government Responds · Report a Problem ... These short but safe time limits for home-refrigerated foods will keep them from spoiling or becoming dangerous to eat. ... Frozen foods remain safe indefinitely. ... Hamburger, ground beef, turkey, veal, pork, lamb, & ...

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Freezing slows the growth of bacteria, salmonella, etc. but does not stop it. If you can keep it at zero or below, it can be preserved for years.

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Cooking process – cooking at a high temperature and too long can result in a ... As a general rule, you can keep your Frozen Butterball Turkey in the freezer in ...

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Mar 11, 2013 ... I bought two frozen turkeys last Thanksgiving for around six bucks for both, ... Our grocer literally was giving away a free turkey if you spent $75.

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Mar 26, 2009 ... Want to know how long you can safely keep meat in the refrigerator? Or how long to ... Frozen turkey and turkey parts will be safe indefinitely.

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Storing and eating frozen foods past these deadlines isn't dangerous, but flavors ... Chicken or turkey pieces, uncooked: nine months; Fruit pies, unbaked: eight ... A selection of 900 (and growing) delicious, easy recipes you can prepare in as ...

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This chart provides common freezer storage times, so you know how long ... Ground turkey and chicken, 4 months ... If an item is frozen and then thawed it should not be re-frozen thereafter, since this can make it unsafe to eat .... Keep In Touch.

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Dec 6, 2007 ... How long will a cake stay fresh? ... I cooked a turkey that I had frozen last year. ( There was a ... However, you can't beat a recently-expired bird.

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Jun 15, 2013 ... Here is some information on how to freeze food safely and how long to ... However, once the food (such as a ham) is out of the can, you may freeze it. .... And large items like turkeys may take longer, approximately one day for ...

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Believe it or not, whole frozen turkeys should retain their quality for up to a year, so you're good to...

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Foods that are kept constantly frozen at 0°F or lower will keep safe indefinitely. And in the ... Can You Cook a Frozen Turkey Without Thawing It First? | More.

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How long can a frozen turkey be kept in the freezer? ... freezer (used commercially to freeze at a very rapid rate), you may experience a slight loss in quality.

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How long does an uncooked turkey last in the freezer? I bought a turkey last year at Christmas, it was frozen and as been frozen all this time. Is it too old to ... You also did bot specify at what temperature the freezer should be. Submitted by ...

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I've had a frozen turkey in the freezer for 4 years; is it still safe to cook? You people must have ... How Long Can You Freeze a Turkey · How to Thaw a Turkey

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Nov 21, 2008 ... We have had a turkey frozen in the freezer since last Thanksgiving. Is it OK to thaw ... Related Items. How Long Can You Keep Turkey in Brine?