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Sep 16, 2012 ... If you buy new paint you will probable want to redo the whole wall so it ... then you would want to keep as much of them in the can as possible.

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Dec 1, 2006 ... If the paint has been stored a long time, I have the cans shaken at the ... The first is that if the can is not sealed, it will show you (by leaking).

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Nov 26, 2006 ... I have A LOT of paint in my garage, how long does it last? Some of it is ... That keeps the dust or whatever from getting into the paint can. ... When you go to store paint,make sure the lid is closed good,and store it upside down.

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You'll probably want to strain them before you use them, so that you don't try to paint with clumps. ... In a sealed container they should last as long as the can. ... These are cans that have not been opened since the paint store ...

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Oct 29, 2010 ... Did you know that oil paints are considered good for up to 15 years and ... paint through an old nylon or a paint strainer from your local paint store. ... Remember, paint can have a very long shelf life, so proper storage is key.

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Jul 10, 2012 ... If stored properly you can use oil-based paints for up to 15 years ... It is likely your paints have been exposed to these temperatures if you store ...

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If this is for your own home you can risk using it it if it is a customers ... tubs never keep as long as the steel ones, try Behr ceiliing paint, it is ...

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Aug 2, 2009 ... If you have leftover paint and want to store some for touch-ups but you've got barely enough to fill the bottom of the can, you can store it in a ...

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For starters, you can forget about paint cans of premixed two pack coatings ... of paint are directly opposite to wine in the fact that whites keep better than reds!

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May 4, 2011 ... I've been storing paint in the garage - is it still good? In this. ... How Long Can I Store Unused Paint - KJD Services Painting Tip ... (www.kjdservices.com) shares his experience with how you can tell if your paint is still useable.
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If the paints are in colors you still have in your house, keep them for touch ups and ... If you can't use the old paints or give them away, solidify latex and acrylic ...

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Feb 2, 2013 ... Oil paint in a can filled to the top can store indefinitely if you keep ... It was long overdue, anyway, but to find one leaking, well, that was too ...

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Jun 13, 2014 ... But you needn't dispose of that extra gallon immediately after the job is done--so long as you haven't opened it. Here's how to keep it lasting.

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Apr 6, 2012 ... Leftover paint can be stored for two years or more by keeping it in the ... Keep the label from the paint store taped to the container so that you can get the same color again if you need to. How Long Does Leftover Paint Last?

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Here are the best ways to store paint so you can actually reuse what's leftover at ... If left long enough, the remaining paint will turn into a solid rubbery block.