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Nov 30, 2015 ... The life of your car battery depends on how long it can hold its charge, and is capable of being recharged. Once it can't be recharged, it's dead.


Test your car battery using our virtual battery tester & get an instant estimate of ... we'll provide you with an estimate of how much longer your battery may last.


Aug 4, 2015 ... Car batteries typically die during the worst possible times, sometimes leaving your stranded on the side of the road. Here's how often they ...


Mar 7, 2016 ... Car batteries provide a vehicle's life force. We rely on them to get our cars started and keep them running, to power helpful onboard ...


Newer batteries last longer than car batteries manufactured in the past. ... trips, your battery will have a shorter lifespan than if you do do a long haul every day.


When can a low battery be re-charged and when should it be replaced? How can a battery be tested? How long does an average car battery last? Are there any ...


The car battery is one of the most crucial elements of your vehicle; without it, your car would not run. Depending upon the amp hours, the car battery size, how ...


Oct 1, 2016 ... Though battery problems are often associated with cold weather, Consumer Reports magazine says heat is a bigger enemy of car batteries.


While the lead-acid car battery hasn't changed much in the last 100 years, it's still a difficult part of the car to check during routine maintenance. Simple battery ...


Aug 18, 2016 ... How long should a battery last? A good ballpark figure for car battery life is five years, but there are a number of reasons why you might find ...