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Gestation Period for Guppies. Guppies. A pregnant guppy looks fat and boxy. ... is best for gestation and will keep the female from being pregnant too long. If she is stressed or feels there is danger, she may stay pregnant longer, although ... To protect the female during her pregnancy, the tank should be kept at a consistent ...

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Mar 22, 2013 ... Here is a video of my pregnant guppy giving birth.. On the end of the video you can see my 27l guppy fry aquarium and some guppy fry .

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The first thing that should be stated is that if you have a mixture of male and female guppies it's safe to say you will eventually end up with pregnant... ... How long does it take for a 60 liter tank to heat? Answer this question Flag for removal Flag ...

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Dec 13, 2011 ... Stage 1: The female guppy is not pregnant at all in this picture and there is ... The female guppy should only have about a fortnight or less now ...

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Your pregnant guppy will develop a dark “gravid spot” just above and in front of her anal fin. As pregnancy progresses, the spot will become larger and darker.

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Plus she keeps on trying to pick at the gravel and she stays in a downwards position or she stays ... She does look like she is gonna pop and she is very large . ... My pregnant guppy is about to drop any day now and is like 4x the size of her!

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The length of pregnancy in a fish varies greatly depending on the species of fish. ... can store sperm from the male guppy for months, sometimes as long as three ...

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A pregnant guppy shows a definite bulge in her belly. ... When it begins to look long and pointed, he can impregnate females, and is a sure sign that your fish ...

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Feb 20, 2014 ... Topic: I want to breed guppies in one of my aquariums. How can I breed them most efficiently? How should I setup the tank so all the babies ...

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Question 2: Is my guppy pregnant? ... Females from pet store tanks are usually pregnant. ... Question 7: When do guppies start to get their colour? ... Though unproven, it has long been held that older fish release a pheromone which inhibits ...

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Mar 25, 2009 ... I'm not sure which guppy gave birth thou... My question is that whats the longest that the guppies can stay pregnant? is it normal for my guppy to ...

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Guppies have beautiful colors, cute faces, and are easy to take care of. ... Breeding Your Guppies ... You can tell whether a female fish is pregnant or not by looking to see if there is a dark mark on .... How long does the birthing process last?

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and how long do you guys think until they give birth go from top to bottom, thanks! ... Guppies is about a month, and they stay pregnant most of their adult lives.