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How Long Do Betta Fish Live? | Tips to increase your bettas life


Aug 19, 2012 ... If you want your betta fish to live as long as possible, then be sure to feed it ... Does anyone know why my Japanense Male Fighting fish would ...

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This figure takes into account the average age a betta is when it's first sold which, for males, is one year and for females, six months. However, with the right care, ...

How Long Do Bettas Live? - Freshwater Aquariums - About.com


Bettas are so beautiful, but sadly they don't seem to live very long. ... Males in particular, are allowed to fully mature so their fins and colors are well developed. ... So if your fish only lives a year or two after you purchase it, don't assume you' ve ...

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On average, male bettas grow to about two to three inches long, including their fins. Females tend to be ... Betta fish that live in the wild eat live food, mostly bugs. In captivity ... Do betta fish need special equipment in their tank? Betta in a tank ...

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Sep 20, 2012 ... Care of your betta fish. ... See more about how long do betta fish live Please ... I think it's a girl betta. the fins are short. males fins are longer ...

how long will the average Betta fish live? | Yahoo Answers


Dec 6, 2007 ... Bettas need a minimum of gallons to live a long and healthy life. ... DO NOT PUT GOLD FISH WITH TROPICAL if you want your tropical to live long lives! ... My betta fish (MALE) is 5 yrs old and the one i have had before him ...

Kevin Kohen Discusses The Best Care for the Beautiful Betta


Q. How long can Bettas live in those little cups I see at the pet store? ... As long as the fish are fed properly and the previous criteria are met, they can do quite well ... The dominant male Betta will keep his rivals away so he will have the female ...

How Long Do Betta Fish Live in Captivity - Animals Time


Today I'm going to tell you about how long do betta fish live in captivity and what ... The male betta fish do not grow its colors and fins until they reach one year.

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Apr 3, 2015 ... www.piscespros.com - Ever wonder why most pet betta fish only live for 1 year or less when their natural lifespan is 2-3 years? Eric Johnson ...

How Long Do King Bettas Live? - Pets


Care, feeding and the fish's genetics can all affect how long a betta will live. ... This typically works until the betta reaches adult size (3 inches for a male, 1 1/2 ...

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How to Help a Betta Fish Live Longer (with Pictures)


Aug 18, 2015 ... Also called Siamese Fighting Fish, bettas are very popular pets. ... even shown to prefer these blue males to others once they consumed these color enhancers. ... Many people do not know the age of their fish. ... By getting a younger fish, you increase the chance you will get to have your fish for a long time.

How Long Do Bettas Really Live For? I've Had My Howard For A ...


Betta fish in a filtered and heated tank can live well in there teens. .... Due to my latest research I would say that Male Bettas live for 5-9 years if they are well ...

How Long Do Betta Fish Live? What Factors Help


Feb 2, 2014 ... My main question is how long do Betta fish live for when they are ... When I was going to college I had a male beta fish in a 5 gallon aquarium.