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The Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens), also sometimes colloquially known as the Betta, is a species in the Gourami family which is popular as an aquarium fish. They are called pla-kad (biting ...

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Aug 19, 2012 ... If you want your betta fish to live as long as possible, then be sure to feed it .... Does anyone know why my Japanense Male Fighting fish would ...

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Aug 18, 2015 ... However, in captivity, with the right care, a betta can live four years or ... By getting a younger fish, you increase the chance you will get to have your fish for a long .... Two male bettas in a tank together will likely kill each other.

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Mar 10, 2015 ... However, with the right care, a betta can live up to four or five years of age ( maybe ... Male bettas are very territorial and, if put in the same tank (even a ... sure that your “fighting” fish has a fighting chance at a long, healthy life.

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Sep 20, 2012 ... Information that will help you. Care of your betta fish. A healthy and long life. See more about how long do betta fish live Please ...

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Injuries, infections and other side effects of fighting can all shorten the lifespan of your bettas, and in some cases, two territorial males will fight to the death.

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Betta fish are beautiful, but they don't seem to live very long. Learn the expected ... Preventing Fights Between Male Bettas for a Full Lifespan. Another factor in ...

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Now he's almost 3 inches long and a brilliant bluish-purple. ... Betta fish in a filtered and heated tank can live well in there teens. Before i knew .... Due to my latest research I would say that Male Bettas live for 5-9 years if they are well cared for.

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Male bettas are brightly-colored fish with large fins, and many pet stores market them as fish that can live in very small enclosures. ... many cities have veterinarians trained in fish care, and the best way to ensure your betta lives a long life is to ...

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Bettas (Betta splendens) are hardy, colorful freshwater fish ideal for the ... Q. How long can Bettas live in those little cups I see at the pet store? ... The dominant male Betta will keep his rivals away so he will have the female fish all to himself.".