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The average life span for a wild rabbit is 1-2 years and the average life span for a domesticated rabbit is 8-10 years.


A domestic rabbit or domesticated rabbit (Oryctolagus), more commonly known as simply a ..... The modern, long-haired Angora breed is raised for its long, soft fur, which is often ... They do not make good pets for small children, as rabbits are fragile and ..... Pasteurella does live naturally in a rabbit's respiratory tract, and it can ...


By Elizabeth Xu. Everyone wants their pet to live a long and healthy life. By now, the lifespan of cats and dogs is fairly common knowledge. Rabbits, on the other ...


Myth 1: Rabbits are great, low-maintenance pets. ... Myth 2: Rabbits only live a year or two, so no long commitment is necessary, Reality: Well cared-for indoor rabbits ... Myth 3: Rabbits do not need veterinary care the way dogs and cats do.


How long your rabbit lives will be dependent on the nature and amount of care ... Generally, pet bunnies that have been well cared for live longer years than a ...

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Q. My first questions is: How long would an outdoor pet rabbit live, and what is the total life expectancy of a pet rabbit? My second question is: Do rabbits need ...


The bottom line is this: Bunnies should not live outdoors in the world the way it is ... them as indoor animals/pets only, their life span was noted to last 8-12 years.


Well, surprisingly enough a pet rabbit has an average life expectancy of around 6 -10 years. In fact ... Return from How Long Do Rabbits Live to Rabbit Trapping.


I've heard before that rabbits don't live that long in outside huts.Is this normal?I hope he lives a lot longer and he is getting older so does anybody know anything  ...