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Can gas really go bad? - CNN.com


Apr 9, 2008 ... Does gasoline really go "bad" if you leave it unused for a period of time ... It can slow down the oxidation process and keep gas fresh for as long ...

Maintenance Monday: Shelf life of gasoline - Gasbuddy Gas Prices


Jun 14, 2010 ... First, don't expect gasoline to last long in an open air container, such as ... testing, but gasoline can hold for months and years if properly stored.

Gasoline...how long can it be stored in cans and remain fresh?


Similar Questions: Gasoline long stored cans remain fresh ... If you put an additive in it/gas stabilizer it should last longer. We keep gas in our ...

How long does gasoline last in a sealed container? - Quora


Jun 9, 2013 ... If it is airtight in a clean, stainless steel container with little oxygen, and is periodically stirred, gasoline will last a very long time. Many years, if ...

how long does gas last? - Survivalist Forum


how long does diesel fuel last? how long does unleaded gas last? .... For long- term storage of gasoline, you might want to look into racing fuels.

How Long Can You Store Gasoline? - WSJ


Jun 17, 2008 ... This week, Jonathan Welsh offers advice to readers on how long it is safe to store gasoline, finding a comfortable two-door coupe with seating ...

How long can gasoline sit in a tank before it goes bad? | Yahoo ...


Jul 28, 2012 ... Say you had gasoline in the tank of your riding mower and you hadn't used it for awhile. When would it turn into "bad gasoline?" And does it last ...

Avoid The Lines - How to Store Fuel Long Term - The Prepper Journal


May 23, 2013 ... You can also pick fuel cans up at yard-sales or salvage companies. .... I too keep my stored gasoline in a shed separate from the house/garage ...

How long does it take for gas to go bad? - Mechanic's StackExchange


Mar 8, 2011 ... Approximately how long does it take for unleaded gasoline in the tank and fuel lines ... Q: How long will STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer keep fuel fresh?

The Key To Long-Term Diesel And Gas Storage | Off The Grid News


When fuel such as diesel or gasoline is readily available, most people don't ... In fact, keep fuel too long, and at some point, the fuel will degrade to the ... When treated with fuel stabilizer, the life of diesel fuel can be extended beyond five years.

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