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All i really need to know is how long will it take me to ride about 5 miles, when im not that fast of a rider.and will i get that tired and worn out.



For short rides (less than 2 miles): wear your dress clothes. For longer rides: ... At a leisurely pace, biking 5 miles can take less than 30 minutes...at a faster pace, even less time. Plus, you save ... 5. What type of bike do I need? Any type of bike can be used for bike commuting as long as it has been safety checked. The tires  ...

Five Miles on a Stationary Bike for Weight Loss | LIVESTRONG.COM


Dec 11, 2015 ... Riding five miles on your stationary bike can aid your weight loss if your ... Depending on the person and the speed at which she pedals, five miles may take 20 minutes or one hour. ... You can choose to ride a stationary bike each time or do different activities. ... Stationary Bike Workout: How Long? How to ...

How Long Does it take to Bike Across America? - Adventure Possible


Nov 12, 2015 ... As far as daily rides, most people shoot to cycle about 5-6 hours per day and ... here's how long a hypothetical 4,000 mile bike ride would take.

FAQ: “How long does it take to ride your bicycle 100 miles?” | Bikini ...


Apr 14, 2011 ... If you—or I—cycle at an average of 15 miles an hour, 100 miles will take 6.67 hours. If you ride 20 miles an hour, it's five hours. At five miles an ...

commuter - Could I bike 9 mile a day home from work starting with ...


But prior to starting I had been taking maybe 5 mile rides during my lunch ... Get the bike and do weekend rides to get fit before using it for work. ... Take your time in the beginning and cycle at a pace you feel comfortable with. ... It can lead to annoying situations and long walks, if your a not well equipped.

How long does it take to ride the GAP trail? - Bike the GAP


A three-day GAP ride means 50-mile days; a four-day bike trip means 30- and ... “ how long does it take to ride the GAP” can mean 5 days and even 10+ days!

The Slacker's Guide to Bike Commuting | The Blog of Bike Shop Hub


Apr 10, 2008 ... For a long commute, consider driving part of it – If you've got a commute ... My commute is 16 miles round trip with a few hills (100 footers) and I have ... I ride the single speed cause I am to much of a slacker to worry about and do any kind of maintanance. I do however take the time to put on cycling shoes.

how long would it take to bike 11 to 13 miles? - The Money ...


I have no idea how long it should take to bicycle that amount of time. ... We currently live about a 1.5 miles from my wife's job, so she rides her bike most days and I drive the 15 minute commute. ... However, do you have a bus line near your house? .... If I were on a 5 day schedule... it'd be a harder decision.

How long should it take for a beginner to do a 10 mile bike ride ...


The pro cyclists you saw swooping around France in July didn't always have those wiry calves .... Within six months I lost seventy-five pounds. I routinely ride my ...

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What is the length of time needed to cycle 5 miles? | Reference.com


It takes less than 30 minutes to ride a bike 5 miles at a leisurely pace in an urban ... How long does it take to bike a mile? What is the average time to bike 1 mile?

10 Bike Commuting Myths Dispelled | BikeCommuters.com


Apr 26, 2009 ... The average commuter travels at 10 mph; the more you ride, the faster you become ... Trips of 5 to 7 miles in urban areas take the same or less by car ... education perspective than telling folks the truth — as long as we do our ...

Bicycling....how long does it take to get in shape? (best ...


Hate to break it to you, but you need to ride at least 4-5 miles in ... how long it will take to get in shape enough to where riding a bike is less of a ...