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So it will take roughly 20 to 21 minutes on average to walk a mile. 119k Views · 10 Upvotes ... How long does it take you to walk 1 mile? How long will it take an ...


With that info I can use basic math to find out how long it takes you to walk any ... I walked The Cowtown Ultra Marathon Yesterday in Fort Worth, Texas. 31 Miles in  ...


6 days ago ... Walking 1 mile at 4 mph -- which should take her 15 minutes -- she ... Let's use that example of the 155-pound person to estimate how long it would take to lose 1 ... How Much Weight Do You Lose When Walking Two Miles?


i started walking with a friend I told her it should take about 18 min to ... Don't get too hung-up on how fast you're walking; a far more important statistic is how long you ... THAT is the THR you should be hitting for about 45 minutes a day. ... I think I walk a mile in around 16 minutes sometimes 15 1/2 if on one ...


This is from a fitness site. A leisurely walker takes about 115-120 steps per minute and will cover a mile in approximately 17-18 minutes. A brisk ...


May 18, 2010 ... This 1-Mile Walking Test measures your aerobic (cardiovascular) fitness level based on ... Do not perform this test on a treadmill, as it will skew your results. ... As long as you are improving, your fitness plan is working. ... Perhaps I'll get there by the time I'm 70, but I'm really hoping it won't take me 5 years.


The "average" speed for a normal, healthy individual walking at a steady pace ( not speed-walking, but not dawdling, either) is about 4 miles per hour, ...


In one study, walking as little as 1 mile per week slowed the decline in ... level is and (b) how hard the effort is. The most important factor in improving your aerobic ... not the type of exercise you do, or, how long you exercise (Wenger HA, et al.


A: It will take about 22.2 minutes to walk 1 mile at a rate of 2.7 miles per hour. ... How long would it take to lose 200 pounds if you walked two miles a day?


Pedometers are extremely cheap and can go a long ways in helping you determine how many miles you walk in a day, and how many more you might need to ...