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How long a Christmas tree lasts before it dries out depends on the species of tree, how long ago it was cut when you got it, and how well it is watered and cared for, but most species should stay fresh for 4 weeks.


We are going to get a real Christmas tree this year and being that we've never bought one - I just don't know how long they are supposed to last.


A freshly cut tree, kept well supplied with water, will last about a month. ... Instead, recycle your Christmas tree in the garden so that it will enrich the earth long ...


Can I leave the Christmas Tree lights turned on? How long will my tree last indoors? What happens if my tree accidently runs out of water? What do I do when I ...


Dec 1, 2014 ... To last as long as possible, a Christmas tree must be fresh when you buy ... After it is cut, an evergreen tree will seal off the cut surface with sap.


A fresh cut will reopen the pores that take up water. ... Should I add bleach, aspirin, fertilizer or other things to the water to make my tree last longer? No! ... Check the water level frequently since trees can drink large amounts of water each day, ...


Christmas Trees. Purdue ... However, with long-needled trees, such as Scotch pines, the needles ... tree is fresh, so that after you set it up, it will last for the.


Dec 5, 2014 ... "If you need the tree to last a long time, go with the Noble fir," Crowley ... It can have some brown needles, but you don't want to see too many.


Turns out you can reasonably keep a cut Christmas tree fresh for many ... Using a hefty tree stand goes a long way to ensuring not only stability of the tree, but ...


A freshly cut Christmas tree will last longer than one that's been cut weeks ... That is how long a fresh tree can go without water before absorption is jeopardized.