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Nov 13, 2014 ... The sore throat of infectious mononucleosis can last longer than that of the ... How long did the symptoms of your sore throat (pharyngitis) last? ... eMedicineHealth does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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Strep throat. Which one do you have, and what should you do about it? ... A sore throat that lasts for a long time is called chronic pharyngitis. It occurs when a ...

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What is a viral sore throat? A viral sore throat is an infection of the throat caused by a virus. ... The effects will last as long as the virus affects the body. Most viral ...

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Allergies and sinus infections can also contribute to a sore throat. ... If you have a sore throat that lasts for more than five to seven days, you should see your doctor. ... Antibiotics do not cure viral infections, but viruses do lower the patient's ...

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Jul 23, 2014 ... Sore throats are not usually serious and the condition often passes in three to ... Always read the manufacturer's instructions so you do not exceed the ... very little effect on the severity of the symptoms and how long they last, ...

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Feb 28, 2014 ... If you've had strep throat, you know exactly what it feels like: that awful ... You are contagious for as long as you have symptoms of strep. ... They can also do a rapid strep test or throat culture to test for the presence of the strep ...

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Feb 21, 2013 ... There are several causes of a long lasting sore throat. ... "Sore throats are very common with a viral infection and do not necessarily mean you need antibiotics," says Stacey L. ... Most colds last three to seven days, she says.

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Feb 9, 2015 ... Sore throat is generally caused by viral or bacterial infections, toxins, irritants, trauma, ... Any sore throat that lasts for more than a week should be evaluated by a ... If you are pregnant and your sore throat symptoms are severe or do not ... What were your symptoms of sore throat and how long did they last?

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What were your symptoms of sore throat and how long did they last? ... felt very high and disturbed my sleep, though I do not know exactly how high my fever got.

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Most sore throats are caused by viral pharyngitis. ... with your health care provider if symptoms last longer than expected, or do not improve with self-care.

Sore Throat
A sore throat refers to pain, itchiness, or irritation of the throat. It may cause difficulty and pain when swallowing. Throat pain is the primary symptom of a sore throat. Other symptoms include dry throat, swollen glands in the neck, white patches on the tonsils, and hoarseness. A sore throat can affect anyone, but the risk is higher in children, smokers, allergy sufferers, and people with a compromised immune system. More »
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Do I Need to See my Doctor if I Think I Have Strep Throat? ... What's the Difference Between a Cold, Strep Throat, and Tonsillitis? ... Viral sore throats are often accompanied by other cold symptoms that may include a runny nose, cough, red or ...

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Sore Throat (Pharyngitis) - an easy to understand guide covering causes, ... simple viral pharyngitis doesn't last long, goes away on its own and does not causes ...

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May 31, 2016 ... A sore throat (pharyngitis) is a common problem and usually is caused ... People with fewer than two symptoms usually do not need testing or treatment for strep throat, ... Sore throat caused by viral infections usually lasts four to five days. .... These articles are thorough, long, and complex, and they contain ....