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The United States of America (USA), commonly referred to as the United States ( U.S.) or ..... Americans' eagerness to expand westward prompted a long series of American Indian Wars. The Louisian...

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The vertical length of the continental United States is 1582 miles, using point-to- point, straight-line measurements. There is a total land mass of 3537438 square  ...

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The United States is 2800 miles across from its eastern seaboard to its western coast. ... for 5,527 miles, while the U.S. and Mexican border is 2,013 miles long.

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Locator Map of United States Of America. Print this map. Land Area: Land: 3,537,436 sq. miles (9,161,923 sq km); Water: 181,274 sq. miles (469,497 sq km)  ...

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Hugging the northern end of the United States takes the longest of any of the cross-country routes. Not only is this is the widest point of the country, but your ...

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How long is the U.S. border with Canada and Mexico? The United States has 5,525 miles of border with Canada and 1,989 miles with Mexico. Our maritime ...

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Oct 28, 2011 ... Is the rise of the United States a fleeting moment in world history, ... we can look at the lifetimes of lots of empires, see how long they've lasted, ...

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State, General coastline <sup>1</sup>, Tidal shoreline <sup>2</sup>. Atlantic Coast: Maine, 228, 3,478. New Hampshire, 13, 131. Massachusetts, 192, 1,519. Rhode Island, 40, 384.

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If an island is long, narrow, and straight, length is easy to determine. ... correct term "contiguous United States" is used to describe the "lower 48", Whidbey Island ...

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More Information. NOAA Shoreline Website · How long is the shoreline? (Digital Coast Blog Post); NOAA's State of the Coast ...

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