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... re-dyeing hair. How long do you usually wait before coloring your hair again? .... But my question is how long should I wait to bleach my Freshly dyed hair?

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The standard time to wait between hair colorings is four to six weeks. Because hair grows an average of 1/2 inch per month, this frequency allows for a new ...

How Long Should You Wait Before Coloring Your Hair Again?


Jun 24, 2014 ... ... guide to hair color maintenance and how long you should wait before ... I had been dying my hair red for 2 years, generally would dye it every ...

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I just recently went to the salon and got black stripped out of my hair and had them dye it back to a light brown. How long should I wait to dye my hair again?

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Jul 12, 2015 ... If you are regularly dyeing your hair, it may be time to give your ... Home; › News; › How Long You Should Wait Between Color Changes | [InStyle.com] ... making that journey from brunette to blonde and back again all the more ...

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It depends on the technique that was used to color your hair initially, how fast your hair grows, ... How long should I wait before bleaching my hair again?

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How long do I need to wait before coloring my hair again? Should I wait or can I color again immediately?

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I do not like the results and would like to re-dye my hair a darker color. ... hair in a couple of weeks again, as long as you treat your hair well!

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Originally Posted by Ophelia Baby Wow Im sorry that really sucks, I hope the best for your situation, It sure is hard being a woman, haha my hair ...

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Dec 19, 2007 ... How do I get it lighter again & how long do I have to wait to color it again? Thanks . ... Regarding how long you should wait to color again, I would wait at least a month. ... I dyed my hair "Brown" and it turned out BLACK .