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Apr 9, 2015 ... But how long do you have to keep wearing your retainer every night? ... and just had your teeth moved into their optimal position via braces, those teeth ... I still wear my Invisalign aligners, ten years after orthodontic correction.

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For how long do I need to wear retainers? It takes time for ... Usually, retainers are worn for as long a time as you have had your braces. ... Removable retainers should be taken out during eating, contact sports and when you brush your teeth.

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Jul 25, 2014 ... Q: Do I Need To Wear a Retainer After Braces ... Why wear retainers? ... that retainers are worn for as long as you wore your braces. ... If you have a fixed retainer, you should spend more time to brush the back of your teeth.

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After braces are removed, most patients will need to wear a retainer all the time for the first ... How Often Will I Need to See the Orthodontist During Treatment?

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May 15, 2014 ... How Long Should Someone Wear a Retainer after Braces are Removed? ... I'll highlight the type of retainer used most often, why retainers are ...

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Sep 18, 2013 ... They would say, okay, how long do I have to wear my retainers? It's a good ..... After a year you don't have to wear it as often as you have too.

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If you wait too long to wear it, it may be tight because your teeth have already shifted ... after getting your braces off a full clear mouthguard style retainer is often ...

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Mar 1, 2011 ... My orthodontist told me to wear my retainer every night but my friend has to wear hers 24/7 ... There is no happier day for an orthodontic patient than the day your braces come off. ... Typically the teeth will settle back together after you are given a ... if I wore them at home and for sleep opposed to all day long.

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But if your teeth are straight now, why do you need a retainer at all? ... It may remain in place for life as long as the teeth are clean and healthy. ... After a short time, most people adjust quite well to wearing a retainer. ... Of course, removable retainers should always be taken out when you eat or brush your teeth — a big .....

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Retainers after braces are a very important part of the orthodontic process. ... a long way toward keeping the same bite and smile that the braces formed over ... Initially, your orthodontist or dentist will want you to wear it all day and all night ... removable retainers should find a safe way to store them in a plastic retainer case...

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May 27, 2015 ... Often people ask us how long they need to wear their retainer after ... For the first 3-6 months of being braces free, you should aim to wear your ...

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How often and for how long do orthodontic retainers need to be worn? ... active phase of your orthodontic treatment (wearing braces or Invisalign®), its retention ... your dentist fights after the active phase of your treatment has been completed.

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So how long should you wear your retainer? Ideally? Forever. Some people think they will wear them for about ten months and then they are finished. Actually ...