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How long does it take to get to Uranus from Earth? | Cool Cosmos


How long it would take to get to Uranus from Earth would depend on the path chosen and on where Uranus and Earth were in their orbits when the mission was ...

Transit Times to Planets - How Long Would it Take to Get to Mars


Feb 18, 2015 ... How Long Would it Take to Travel to Every Planet? .... And you thought the trip to Uranus was just a zipper away! How Long Would it Take to ...

How long does it take to get from Earth to Uranus? - Ask.com


The exact amount of time it would take to travel from Earth to Uranus will depend on the type of travel, the speed of travel and the path chosen. For example, it ...

How Long Does It Take To Get To The Moon? - Planets For Kids


You are here >>; Home >>; Articles >> How Long Does it Take to get to the Moon ... This is the Moon landing that most people know about, when Neil Armstrong ...

FAQ - Spacecraft | Planetary Science Institute


The bigger concern is the effect of the Shuttle launch on the atmosphere ( destroying ... How long does it take to travel to each planet with current technology? ... Below are the times it took/will take to get to various planets and the Moon (New ... Voyager 1 & 2, Jupiter; Saturn; Uranus; Neptune, 13,23 months ; 3,4 years; 8.5 ...

How long would it take to get to Uranus from Earth - Answers.com


It depends upon the speed of travel. The fastest current spacecraft (in 2012) would take about 5 years to travel there directly, provided Uranus was at its closest ...

BBC - Future - Uranus: Why we should visit the most unloved planet


Aug 25, 2014 ... Uranus has always been left out when it comes to missions to our near ... Fletcher is part of an international team that believes Uranus has been neglected for too long. ... As a result, any spacecraft will take up to 15 years to get there. Because ... Another major hurdle is the challenge of keeping the mission, ....

BBC News - Voyager's epic journey: How long would it take you?


Jun 27, 2013 ... Nasa's Voyager 1 spacecraft has become the first man-made object to leave the Solar System. It has taken it 36 years to get that far - how long ...

How long it would take to travel to the planets - eLuminary.org


Mar 11, 2014 ... How long would it take to travel to venus(from earth)travelling ... mercury to neptune? neptune to uranus? uranus to saturn? saturn to mars? ... to get the actual distance, then divide by 61 miles per hour to get the time in hours.

planets - How long does it take for radio or light waves to travel from ...


Dec 12, 2011 ... How long does it take for radio or light waves to travel from Earth to ... Mercury 0.39 Venus 0.72 Earth 1.00 Mars 1.52 Jupiter 5.20 Saturn 9.54 Uranus 19.22 Neptune 30.06 ... To get those distances in light-minutes, multiply by 8.317 ... Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

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How long would it take to reach each planet from the Earth?


How long will it take to get to each of the planets by various means? It depends a lot on the particular trajectory that you take. Usually, the trajectories are in the form of ... Uranus, 7.3yr, 3.8yr, 3.1yr, 113d, 1yr. Neptune, 11.4yr, 5.9yr, 4.9yr, 179d ...

How Far is Uranus? - Space.com


Nov 30, 2012 ... Chilly Uranus lies far from Earth and the sun. Neptune is the only planet farther from either. ... How long does it take to reach Uranus? Traveling ...

Visiting the Planets at the Speed of Light! - Space Math @ NASA


Problem 2 – At the speed of light, how long would it take for a radio signal to travel ... From the time they asked a question, how long did they have to wait to get a ... Uranus. 19.14. Neptune. 30.20. Space Math http://spacemath.gsfc.nasa. gov ...