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Jun 5, 2016 ... When you deposit a large out-of-state check, your bank may put it on hold. Learn why, how long the hold may last, and what you can do in this situation. ... days, while out-of-state checks may take more than two weeks to clear.

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It can typically take up to five days for a check to clear if it is drawn on an out-of- state bank. Banks may also place a temporary hold on the check if the amount is  ...

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Oct 13, 2016 ... Figure out how long it takes a check to clear at the top 10 banks so ... I deposited a check from a law firm, out of state…. and waited two weeks.

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With 21st century technology, clearing a check no longer requires transferring a piece of paper from bank to bank. Your bank's ability to verify an out-of-state ...

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Mar 19, 2015 ... Federal Regulation CC governs how long you can be made to wait ... made into the payee's account; when you deposit a check made out to ... Checks: Payor and Receiving Financial Institution Must Be in the Same State).

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Jul 27, 2015 ... Waiting for a deposited check to clear in your bank account might be frustrating. ... this as there is no law that seems to clearly state that once the money is removed ... So, expert advisor or not, banks hold funds for as long as they can ... opt to cash out a portion of your check and deposit the rest for later use.

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In the United States there are laws on how long it may take to clear a check. If the check is local it must clear in 48 hours; if it is from out of state ...

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Feb 10, 2011 ... She rents out her parents' old farm, but the tenant's checks take time to clear. ... excuse: It doesn't take longer if your check is from another state.



Apr 2, 1983 ... When an out-of-state check, say from California, is deposited in a New ... Usually checks from banks in large cities clear faster than checks from banks in small towns. ... And customers with long-term relationships with banks, ...

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Mar 26, 2015 ... The bank looks for proof of funds. It can take a week or longer depending on whether it is in state or out of state. When you get it, I hope you will ...