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Can Mono be cured? Can I drink alcohol? When can I kiss?


Mono can be treated, not cured. The traditional ... until sickness begins) averages 25 days. Once an ... their saliva long after the illness is over. Typically, the virus ...

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So my question's pretty straightforward, can I kiss my boyfriend? If I do ... If not, then try to muster up the patience to not kiss for a few days until the issue at hand is resolved. ... OP: How long should I wait then after infection?

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May 13, 2013 ... 5 Things You Need to Know About Mono (aka The Kissing Disease). You decided ... It can take four to six weeks after exposure to feel symptoms, so you may. Who gave it to me? ... Wait at least four to kiss anyone. GettyGetty ...

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How Long Is Mono Contagious? ... How Do Doctors Test for Mono? Can a ... Can You Get Mono From Just a Quick Kiss?

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Jan 21, 2009 ... Mono typically lasts about a month, but in more some cases it can take up to six months to fully resolve. ... How long is a person with mono contagious? ... you may also want to wait until your glands and spleen return to a ...

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Dec 16, 2015 ... Kissing isn't the only way you can catch Mono, though. ... How long will I be sick with Mono? ... You should NOT participate in contact sports for at least 4 weeks or until you are ... product; Don't kiss while you are sick (Mono can spread through saliva); Don't have sexual contact with someone who has Mono...

When Is It Safe To Kiss Someone Who Has Had Mononucleosis?


My girlfriend is just getting over mono, and I don't know when it's safe to kiss her ... adults who catch EBV can have a much more severe and protracted disease, ...

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My question is simply: should I avoid kissing him until he's no longer showing symptoms? ... studies show mono can be contagious for up to eighteen months. ... restricting your contacts with your spouse for a rather long time.

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May 16, 2014 ... Mononucleosis is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), and can affect ... I denied the illness for a while, continuing to go to work until the fever got so bad ... stress, and health — and learn how to be patient — in the long run.

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Mono's a common disease in 10- to 35-year-olds; teens are infected most often. Mono's not just a ... It can be spread by an infected person's sneeze or cough.

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Once someone gets mono, the virus stays in that person's body for life. That doesn't mean that you are always contagious if you've had mono. But the virus can ...

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How Long Until Mono Isn't Contagious . i have been showing ... to know how long it is contagious and i have to wait until i can kiss my girlfriend.

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Jul 27, 2010 ... The severity of EBV mono can range from unnoticeable to severe ... Now i feel better, but how long until i can kiss my boyfriend again ? Reply.