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How many 8 ounce glasses of water are in 1 liter? | Yahoo Answers


Jan 29, 2008 ... There are two ways to do this; 1. Calculate it. 2. Measure it out with a 1 liter bottle and a 1 cup measure. To calculate it 1 fluid oz equals 0.02957 ...

How many glasses are in 1 liter of water? - Ask.com


The amount of glasses of water in a liter depends on the size of the glass. An 8 ounce glass is equal to just under 1/4 of a liter, which means that just over four 8  ...

How to Get Your Eight Glasses of Water a Day: 12 Steps - wikiHow


Nov 4, 2015 ... 1. Measure out how much water you'll need each day. 2 liters (0.5 US gal) ... some bottles have a little dial that is turned each time 8 oz is drank.

Water: How much should you drink every day? - Mayo Clinic


So how much fluid does the average, healthy adult living in a temperate climate ... intake (AI) for men is roughly about 13 cups (3 liters) of total beverages a day. ... Everyone has heard the advice, "Drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day.

How many 8 oz glasses of water equals 1 liter - Answers.com


One liter equates to approximately 4.225 8-ounce glasses.

How many ounces of water should I drink in a day? Daily water ...


BUT FIRST, HOW MANY OUNCES ARE IN A GLASS OF WATER? ... 32 ounces = 4 cups = 1 quart and 4 quarts = 1 gallon ... 3.7854118 liters = 1 gallon ... not necessary to drink eight 8 oz. glasses of water when you are eating water rich foods.

8 Reasons NOT to Drink 8 Glasses of Water A Day | Butter Believer


Apr 3, 2013 ... 1.) You're blindly following standardized health advice instead of listening .... Drinking to satisfy that thirst is fine, but downing a liter of water a half-hour .... I have had many kidney stones and drank the 8 8oz glass of water or ...

How to Drink 3 Liters of Water a Day for Weight Loss - Livestrong.com


Jan 8, 2014 ... How to Drink 3 Liters of Water a Day for Weight Loss ... How Many Calories Does Drinking One Glass of Water Burn? How to Lose Belly Fat by ...

weight loss - how to drink 8 glasses of water a day? - Physical ...


May 9, 2011 ... Every time you fill it up you know exactly how much water you will ... Measure a large container, say a half-gallon of water (64oz = 8oz * 8 glasses of water). ... I'll have 1.5L in the morning, and another 1.5L in the afternoon (after lunch). ... If you only drink 1 glass with each meal (3/day) and 1 at each snack ...

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Q: How many 8 oz glasses of water equals 1 liter.
A: One liter equates to approximately 4.225 8-ounce glasses. Read More »
Source: www.answers.com
Q: How many 8 oz glasses of water equals 1 liter?
A: 4.25 8oz. glasses of water is the equivalent of a liter. Read More »
Source: www.webanswers.com
Q: How many 8 oz glasses of water equal to 1 liter?
A: About 4.2 8-oz glasses per liter. Read More »
Source: wiki.answers.com
Q: How many 8 oz glasses of water are in 1.5 liters.
A: 6.34 or 6 & 1/3. Read More »
Source: www.answers.com
Q: IN 2.2 LITER how many 8 oz glass of water?
A: 2.2 liters is equal to approximately 9.3 8-ounce glasses of water. Read More »
Source: wiki.answers.com