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African Elephant
Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Proboscidea Family: Elephantidae Genus: Loxodonta Species: Loxodonta africana
African elephants are the heaviest land animal, and the second tallest in the Animal Kingdom. They are a sexually dimorphic species; males appear larger than females. The height of a bull at his shoulder is about twelve feet (about... More »


African elephants are elephants of the genus Loxodonta, from Greek λοξός + ὀδούς (odoús .... Females are a scarce and mobile resource for the males so there is intense competition to gain access to estrous females. .... Protection of African elephants is a high-profile conservation cause in many countries. In 1989, the ...


Elephants continue to roam across much of Africa, but these magnificent animals ... There are two subspecies – the larger savannah elephant (Loxodonta ...


Aug 31, 2016 ... ... gives a sobering baseline for managing what's left of Africa's elephants. ... The much anticipated results of the largest ever continent-wide ...


Jul 15, 2016 ... After pangolins, elephants are the most poached animals in Africa. But to get to grips with the implications, we need to know how many there ...


As of 2016, there are still more African elephants being killed for ivory than are being born. ... The loss of elephants gravely affects many species that depend on  ...


There are two subspecies of African elephants—the Savanna (or bush) ... of African elephants helps to maintain suitable habitats for many other species.


Sep 1, 2016 ... There are far fewer African elephants than we thought, study shows ... anxiety and dread as he sees what he has seen too many times before.


Aug 31, 2016 ... A census of African savanna elephants in 15 countries between 2007 and ... finds there are just 352,271 elephants in 93 percent of the animals' range. Much of the decline in the elephant population is due to illegal poaching ...


No one knows exactly how many African elephants are left today. Some experts believe the number is no higher than 400,000 and possibly as low as 250,000.