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African elephants are elephants of the genus Loxodonta, from Greek λοξός + ὀδούς (odoús ..... The social behavior of elephants in captivity mim...

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Conservation of threatened animals and endangered species. ... early part of the 20th century, there may have been as many as 3-5 million African elephants.

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Learn more about the African elephant, as well as the threats this species ... As many as 30,000 elephants are killed for their ivory each year. .... Make a symbolic African elephant adoption to help save some of the world's most endangered ...

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Today there are probably no more than 35,000 to 40,000 left in the wild. .... Hunting elephants is no longer legal in many African countries, but poaching was  ...

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Estimated numbers left in the wild: 300,000 to 400,000. ... Location: African bush elephants are found in many of the nations of Africa south of the Sahara, ...

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In 1930, there were between five and 10 million wild African elephants, plying ... list of critically endangered species, only about 600,000 were scattered across a few .... publications (many of them can be found at www.springernature.com/us).

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Aug 19, 2014 ... Determining exactly how many African elephants live in Africa, and how ... International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna ...

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African elephants (Loxodonta africana) can be found across central and ... to travel in family herds with females and their calves staying together for many years. ... of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna ...

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A third species, the West African Elephant, has also been postulated. ... they would still encounter the many uncertainties inherent in the reconstruction of events ... Prior to the 2004 assessment, the species was listed as Endangered ( EN A1b) ...

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The increase correlates with many African regions gaining independence from ... 1978 - The African elephant is listed as threatened under the Endangered ...

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Many climate change projections indicate that key portions of elephants' habitat ... on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) to maintain a ban on the sale of ... Of the two species, African elephants are divided into two subspecies ...

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An estimated 100 African elephants are killed each day by poachers seeking ivory ... is an endangered species with less than 40,000 remaining worldwide – less than ... with negative effects on the many species that depend on the lost habitat.

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Aug 18, 2014 ... Ivory-seeking poachers have killed 100,000 African elephants in just ... (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild ... Another problem is that no one knows how many African elephants there are.