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A bushel (abbreviation: bsh. or bu.) is an imperial and US customary unit of weight or mass ... jurisdictions, including from state to state in the United States) for other grains, oilseeds, fruits,...

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Aug 17, 2006 ... 1 pound apples = 3 medium apples = 2 cups sliced ... 1 bushel apples = 48 pounds = 126 medium apples = 15 9-inch pies = 30-36 pints frozen ...

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How many apples do I need? ... approximately 10-12 pounds, or 32 medium apples, or 3-4 9 inch pies, or 7-9 quarts frozen, or 4 quarts canned. 1 bushel equals.

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How Many? A Dictionary of Units of Measurement ... Commodity. Weight per bushel (lb). Alfalfa, 60. Barley, 48 ... Commodity, Weight per bushel. Apples, 40 lbs.

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Processed yield. Apples bushel. (bu). 42 to 44. Approximately 90 apples. 1 bushel = 15 to 18 qt. canned applesauce1 bushel = 30 to 36 qt. frozen applesauce.

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According to Pepin Heights, an apple orchard in Minnesota, a peck is equal to 10 to 12 pounds, or about 32 medium apples. A bushel is equal to 42 to 48 ...

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Of course, the next logical question is how much does a bushel of a fruit or vegetable produce when ... 8 medium apples = 2.25 lbs, 1 nine-inch apple pie or

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If you want a bushel or more of any apple variety, or a quantity of 2nds for ... In any given year, the dates could be slightly earlier or as much as 2 weeks later.**

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THERE IS A RISK OF BRUISING WHEN ORDERING BUSHEL CASES. We never pack bruised apples, but there is a risk of bruising during shipment when ...

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Dec 12, 2001 ... How much does a bushel of Apples weigh - trivia question /questions answer / answers.