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You need 13 credits at the very start of your Junior year in order to be considered a "Junior". It matters, however, which credits they are. If you're missing a few...


Credits required for grade level advancement at Michigan State University. ... Junior, 56 through 87 ... For example, at the end of your first two semesters, you do not become a sophomore unless you have earned at least 28 credits ( including ...


Jun 14, 2016 ... Related Topics. Classification · credits · Freshman · Junior · Sophomore · Senior · Status · undergraduate students · Semester Hours ...


Nov 12, 2002 ... How many credit hours do I need to be considered a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior ... To be considered a Junior, you need 60-89 credit hours.


Mar 20, 2012 ... When you have 30 credits you will have sophomore standing; 60 credits is junior standing; 90 credits is senior standing. FAQS, Registration ...


In order to graduate with a High School diploma, you must have: Passed all High School Required courses; Completed at least 220 credits; Passed all ...


How many credits do I need to be a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior? ... What do I do if some of my transfer credit did not transfer as the equivalent of ...


Here is a breakdown of how many credits you need to pass to the next grade. Just coming to school ... semester, so please do everything you can to stay in school. ... 11th Grade - Junior. 12 credits. 12th Grade - Senior. 17 credits. Graduate.


As you prepare for your upcoming year at Stony Brook, Academic & Transfer ... Stony Brook is determined by credit count, not by how many years you have attended. If you have earned 24-56 credits you are a sophomore, if you have earned 57-84 credits you are a junior, and if you have earned 85 or more you are a senior.


The level is determined by the number of credits completed, not by the ... Students advance from freshman to sophomore level when they have passed 44.9 credits, from sophomore to junior standing when ... The Office of Admissions determines how many credits taken at other ... When You're Ready to Graduate · Section 8.