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Cooking Ingredients: U.S. to Metric Conversion
1 Cup Volume Ounces Grams (approx.) Fluid Ounces Milliliters
All Purpose Flour 4.5 oz 128 g -- --
Bread Flour 4.8 oz 136 g -- --
White Sugar 7 oz 198.5 g -- --
Brown Sugar 7.5 oz 213 g -- --
Butter 8 oz 227 g -- --
Vegetable Oil -- -- 8 fl oz 237 ml
Milk -- -- 8 fl oz 237 ml
Heavy Cream -- -- 8 fl oz 237 ml

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Aug 9, 2012 ... The answer varies depending on the type of sugar: 1 pound granulated sugar = 2 cups 1 pound brown sugar...

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According to Domino Sugar, 1 pound of granulated sugar contains approximately 2 1/4 cups of sugar. Therefore, in a 4-pound package, the cook gets an ...

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CATEGORIES: baking. Dry Ingredients Measured In Cups Will Vary In Weight - Check Ingredient Types. ... Domino® Granulated Sugar. 1 packet, -------------, 1 ...

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Convert how many US cups (cup us) of granulated sugar are in one 1 pound (lb). This online cooking granulated sugar conversion tool is for culinary arts ...

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No need to question how many cups are in a pound of granulated sugar, brown sugar, or powdered sugar. We've got cup measurements for one pound of each.

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How many cups in a gallon and how many pints in a gallon – those and many ... Product, Conversion When Using in Place of Granulated Sugar, Benefits/Tips ... 2 -lb. poly bag brown sugar, 4-1/2 to 5-1/3 cup (brown sugar is packed and will ...

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How many cups in a 10 lb bag of (Dixie Crystals "extra fine" granulated cane sugar? How many cups in a 10 lb bag of US (Gold Medal) ...

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Product - Domino® Premium Sugar Cane Granulated Sugar 4 lb. Bag. Product Image. Domino® Premium Sugar Cane Granulated Sugar 4 lb. Bag. Price. $2.32.

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... other types of sugars. Just as brown sugar will hold more moisture than granulated white sugar. ... It is sold in many granule sizes ranging from superfine to coarse. Granulated white ... 1 pound = 4 cups (4 1/2 cups sifted). How to Soften Hard ...