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In chemistry, a valence electron is an electron that is associated with an atom, and that can ... Valence energy levels correspond to the principal quantum numbers (n = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 . ... the group...

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Nov 28, 2015 ... A chlorine atom has the atomic number 17, which means it has 17 protons in its nucleus. A neutral chlorine atom also has 17 electrons.

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Consider a neutral atom with 30 protons and 34 neutrons. The number of electrons in this atom is. 30. ... The atomic number of an atom is equal to the number of. protons .... In the highest occupied electron energy level of chlorine. 7.

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There are five electrons in third principal energy level of phosphorous atom. ... The three chlorine atoms bonded to the... Full Answer >. Filed Under: Atoms & Molecules. Q: What is meant by the highest occupied energy level in an atom?

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Valence Electrons and Energy Levels of Atoms of Elements. Chapter 3 .... It is so dangerous that you will likely never see it in its elemental, neutral form. And if you ... If sodium has one valence electron, then how many does potassium have?

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The electrons in the energy level farthest from the nucleus are called valence ... Because neutral atoms in the periodic table have the same number of electrons as ... Magnesium–chlorine: Help students fill in the correct number of electrons in  ...

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Electrons orbit the atom's nucleus in energy levels. ... Number, Number of, Number of Electrons in each Level. Protons/ Electrons ... Chlorine, 17, 17, 18, 3, 2 , 8, 7.

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Electron shell #1 has the lowest energy and its s-orbital is the first to be filled. ... The highest occupied electron shell is called the valence shell, and the electrons ... Why do the atoms of many elements interact with each other and with other ... the lone 3s electron of a sodium atom to the half-filled 3p orbital of a chlorine a...

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Jun 10, 2014 ... The electron configuration of an atomic species (neutral or ionic) ... The principal quantum number n indicates the shell or energy level in which ... Although the Schrodinger equation for many-electron atoms is ... orbital can be occupied by two electrons of opposite spin (which will be further discussed later).

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Atoms differ from one another in the number of protons, neutrons and electrons they contain. ... The lowest energy level is filled with its maximum number of electrons. ... This electron is immediately picked up by a chlorine atom and fitted into the ... charged protons, so the remaining structure is no longer electrically neutral.

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How many electrons are in the highest occupied energy level of a neutral chlorine atom? 1,031,592questions on. Wikianswers. Add New Page · Edit. Edit source ...

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There are 3 valence electrons in the highest energy level of Nitrogen. Nitrogen has a total of 5 ... How many electrons are there in the highest occupied energy level of atoms in Group 7A .... How many electrons are in the highest occupied energy level of a neutral chlorine atom? 3. ... There are 3 energy levels in chlorine.

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The maximum number of electrons in any s subshell is two. ... Each electron in the atom or ion will be in the lowest energy level possible. ... The configuration for chlorine is: Cl 1s<sup>2</sup> 2s<sup>2</sup> 2p<sup>6</sup> 3s<sup>2</sup> 3p<sup>5</sup> or the abbreviated method is: Cl [Ne] 3s<sup>2</sup> 3p<sup>5</sup> ... remove electrons from the highest occupied energy level in the ground state ...