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A dragstrip is a facility for conducting automobile and motorcycle acceleration events such as drag racing. Although a quarter mile (1320 feet, 402 m) is the best known measure for a drag track, man...

Miles to Feet - How many feet in a mile?


Mile and foot (for both imperial and nautical) conversion factors are listed below. To find out how many feet in miles or vice versa, please either use these ...

A 1/4 mile square


How many acres are in a 1/4 mile square area. Or what would be the ... One mile is 5280 feet is 1/4 mile is 5280/4 = 1320 feet. Thus a square which is 1/4 mile ...

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Mar 24, 2014 ... The word mile originally derives from the Old English word mīl which in turn was ... so , how many feet in a mile : the answer is 5280 feet

NHRA Shortens Track After Fatal Crash, No Longer 1/4-Mile - Jalopnik


Jul 3, 2008 ... NHRA Shortens Track After Fatal Crash, No Longer 1/4-Mile ... race in the Funny Car and Top Fuel classes from 1320 feet down to 1000 feet.

SOLUTION: how do you figure out how many feet in 2 1/4 miles


You can put this solution on YOUR website! how do you figure out how many feet in 2 1/4 miles ----------- A mile is 5280 ft. --- (2 1/4) miles = (2 1/4)*5280 ft ...

Convert 1 mile to feet - Conversion of Measurement Units

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More information from the unit converter. How many mile in 1 feet? The answer is 0.000189393939394. We assume you are converting between mile and foot.



Jul 24, 2011 ... ... Cars race to 1000-feet, instead of the traditional quarter-mile (1320 feet). ... Despite fast runs, in excess of 300 miles per hour, many race fans ...

Quarter mile - definition of quarter mile by The Free Dictionary

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Noun 1. quarter mile - a unit of length equal to a quarter of 1 mile 440 yards linear ... stat mi, statute mile, mi - a unit of length equal to 1,760 yards or 5,280 feet; ... and much other uncongenial company, in the huge circle of the Whirlpool two ...

How Many Steps Do You Walk Per Mile? - The Beachbody Blog


May 2, 2016 ... How many steps you take in a mile depends on your height and stride length. Here's ... Measure how many feet it takes you to walk 10 steps.

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How long is a quarter mile? | Reference.com


A quarter mile is, by definition, a fourth of a mile. It is 1320 feet or 402.3 meters. On a standard-sized Olympic track, ... How many grams are in a quarter pound?

f(t): Just How Long Is That Quarter Mile Track Anyway?


May 27, 2010 ... ... it's a quarter-mile track, but of course the inside lane is much shorter ... and for the inside track, I get 1320 feet which is exactly 0.25 miles.

How many feet are there in a quarter of a mile - Answers.com


One mile is equal to 5280 feet. therefore, one quarter of a mile is equal to 1/4 x 5280 = 1320 feet.