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Driving Near School Buses and Emergency Vehicles


The Number One rule is, when you hear or see an emergency vehicle of any type ... Exercise extreme caution around an emergency situation and follow the directions ... Stay at least 500 feet behind any moving emergency vehicle (fire truck, ... In many states you can decrease your insurance rates by taking a driving course.

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Jun 1, 2010 ... When following a fire truck, how far do you have to stay from it? ... You can pass a vehicle or change lanes if it is safe .... If an emergency vehicle is coming?

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We'll explain how to safely share the road with ambulances, fire trucks, and police ... Because emergency vehicles don't have the time to obey traffic rules like the ... flashing lights you're generally expected to stay about 300–500 feet behind it.

Emergency Vehicles Q & A | City of Dixon Illinois Website


Questions & Answers about Emergency Vehicles for Safer Driving ... If you can't move to the right because of traffic, we ask that you slow down and move to the right as far as possible so that the emergency vehicles can safely pass using the ... A driver should not follow an authorized emergency vehicle responding to a call ...

How many feet should you stay behind a emergency vehicle


The general rule is 500ft. To give you an idea of that large of a measurement: Two football ... How many feet can you follow an emergency vehicle California?

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How to Handle Approaching Emergency Vehicles on the Road ... there is a protocol that drivers must follow when an emergency vehicle is approaching. ... Remain a minimum of 500 feet behind a moving emergency vehicle that has its lights ...

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What is the minimum distance you can follow behind an emergency vehicle that is answering ... How many feet can you follow an emergency vehicle California?

Emergency Vehicle Flashing a Distance Behind You (trucks, mileage ...


I've never - in 40 years of driving - had an emergency vehicle behind me, with its lights flashing, that was NOT driving much faster than me. ... Do you have to stop at the first sign of flashing lights or can you ... Actually it is against the law to follow within 500 feet (300 feet in California) behind any emergency ...

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PDF files can be viewed with the Acrobat® Reader®. ... Most States have these traffic safety laws in place, but many driver education programs do not ... When you see an emergency vehicle with its lights and siren activated behind you, ... Never follow an emergency vehicle closer than 500 feet when its lights are flashing.

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Feb 5, 2001 ... If you are in the center lane, move as far to the right as possible. ... are doing-they may have detected an emergency vehicle you can't yet see or hear. It's illegal to follow emergency vehicles to see where they are headed.

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Generally, a driver should allow a minimum of 300 to 500 feet between his vehicle and an ... How many feet can you park from an intersection? Q: ... Follow Us.

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To drive safely in the presence of large trucks and avoid collisions, you must be ... laws regarding how far away you must stay from an emergency vehicle.

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To drive safely in the presence of emergency vehicles, you must understand ... laws regarding how far away you must stay from an emergency vehicle. To be safe, do not follow within 500 ft. of a fire truck answering an alarm or ... In some states (e.g., California), you can be cited for driving too close to an emergency vehicle.