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Records indicate that work schedules as long as twelve to sixteen hours per day, six to seven ... The front runners for lowest average weekly work hours are the Netherlands with 27 .... The majority...

Americans Work More Than Anyone - ABC News


And Americans take less vacation, work longer days, and retire later, too. ... what the government does, but that leaves out overtime hours worked by salaried ... The overall figures for how many hours a week the average American works have ...

The average work week is now 47 hours - The Washington Post


Sep 2, 2014 ... Just 40 percent of Americans who work full time say they clock the standard 40 ... If there's any comfort in this, it's that Gallup reminds us the long hours ... The firm, which also does consulting on employee engagement, reports ...

The "40-Hour" Workweek Is Actually Longer -- by Seven Hours


Aug 29, 2014 ... In fact, half of all full-time workers indicate they typically work more than 40 ... Average Hours Worked by Full-Time U.S. Workers, Aged 18+ ... Another factor in lengthening Americans' workweek is individuals taking on more than one job. ... While four in 10 workers put in a standard 40-hour workweek, many .....

Average Annual Hours Worked For Americans Vs. The Rest Of The ...


Aug 17, 2013 ... How much work does the average American do each year ... do, just appreciate the fact that some places work MANY more hours per year.

The U.S. is the Most Overworked Nation in the World


We, as Americans, work too many hours. ... Then there's this depressing graph on average paid vacation time in industrialized countries: ... And there are few things that stress us out on a consistent basis like work does, ...

Turns out Americans work really hard...but some want to work harder ...


Jul 9, 2015 ... chart americans work long hours. Americans do work hard. Americans work an average of 34.4 hours a week, longer than their counterparts in ...

Charts from the American Time Use Survey - Bureau of Labor Statistics


Sep 30, 2014 ... Time use on an average work day for employed persons ages 25 to 54 with children ... If this "average day" does not sound like a typical day in your ... or in work-related activities, 7.7 hours sleeping, 2.5 hours doing leisure ...

The State of the 40-Hour Workweek


How many people actually work more than 40 hours per week? ... that 40 hours makes a workweek, the average Americans work an 33.6 hours per week. To the  ...

How long is the average work week in the U.S. - Do You Know at ...


How long is the average work week in the U.S.. According to a study by the National Sleep Foundation, the average employed American works a 46-hour work ...

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