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How Many Keys Are on a Clarinet?
A clarinet has 24 keys that fingers can push, as well as little spaces where the keys go down. Learn about the thumb hole and the register key on a clarinet with help from an elementary school music teacher in this free video on clarinets.... More »
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Main articles: Albert system, Boehm system (clarinet), and ... Other key systems have been developed, many built ...


We players have just learned how to do the fingering, and we do that now without much thinking about it. You need the clarinet's keys in order to do what you ...


The lower joint with the keys for the right hand - both parts could be made from one ... This division into five parts is the same for all clarinets starting from the ...


The number of keys differs between the six types of clarinets. The A clarinet and B-flat clarinet are the standard types of clarinets, and most have 17 or 18...


Barrel rings are seen on the barrel section of many clarinets as thin strips of ... The bridge key connects the upper and lower joints' key rod network to each other.


The clarinet has seven holes and ten keys: making seventeen altogether.


The bass clarinet is one octave lower than the regular clarinet. The fingerings are exactly the same, however there is usually a low Eb key on a bass clarinet, and ...


(For alto, bass, and contrabass clarinets, a half-hole is used as the vent.) ... The key is used to play throat G# and is used as a vent in many high and altissimo ...